The Blueberry Trails And The Ganges Await You

The Blueberry Trails is organising a 3 day adventure to Rishikesh this March. Test the waters of the Ganges in all its fury and be a part of this trip with trekking and a campsite stay.
Get into your rafting gear and head towards 3 stretches that includes 10 kms to Shivpuri, 20 kms to Lakjman Jhoola and 10 kms from Kaudilya. The trip also comprises hiking to the nearby Garhwali villages in the hills, body surfing, kayakingrock face climbing. Enjoy volleyball on the beaches and campfire barbeques.
The trip costs Rs. 10,500 and includes travel to Rishikesh, camping meals and activities mentioned above. Charges without travel is Rs. 7,500 per person.
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