The Home Label’s Travel Essentials

Summer moon on your face, oh the wind blows so sweet. Come away. Come away..
Does the wind carry that chant, beckoning you towards a destination unknown? You’ve got your beach hat and floral mat, stocked up on your sunscreen and bought your bright pops of clothes. Everything’s in place and you’re almost ready to take off for your leisurely trip. But wait, where will you put those sandy flip-flops after a long walk at the beach? And what if your Moroccan oil leaks and seeps through and damages your most prized possession (read: iPad)? And are you sure your passport is safe in one narrow corner of your bag? Double-checked if that corner is torn?
Are you getting a panic attack now? Then The Home Label’s Travel Essentials collection is your cure. India’s first ever celebrity directed online home décor store, here, you get personally curated products from celebrity designer Sussane Roshan. The team along with her comes up with new looks for your homes every week. They are striving well towards evolving the design and home decor scene in India. 
Coming back to their specially curated collection for must-haves before you begin your journey, look out for a feisty red iPad leather case, a durable passport case, washable and very useful shoe bags, luggage tags and toiletry cases among other travel-friendly items. The whole package comes at an affordable price of Rs. 7,420, while you can also purchase individual items from them. 
Think luxury meets practicality when it comes to The Home Label products – that’s because their products are quite economical albeit being of good quality and genuine leather. 
Besides, they’ve already chalked down your checklist of essential items you need before a trip, all you need to do is buy those air tickets and take off! 
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