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For those extremely lazy days when hunger and procrastination get into a power struggle, more often than not, the latter wins and starvation takes over. But imagine what a pizza topped with melting, stretchy mozzarella can do?

Before you take that phone and call the nearest pizza service, we tell you of a new venture that is perfect for the abovementioned scenario. It will take you just about 15 minutes in total to enter pizza haven without ordering in. The Home Made Pizza Co, a venture started by Sonal Kejriwal is a concept that will appeal to all bachelors and pizza lovers alike, who want to cook at home without really any hard work.

The concept is simple; it’s a ready to make pizza kit that you can buy online, which includes two 8-inch herbed pizza bases (thin crusted), a packet of tomato sauce (which was average and can be replaced with your regular sweet-chilli sauce at home), a combination of cheddar and mozzarella (which really was the icing on top), and a sachet each of oregano and chilli flakes.

After applying the sauce evenly on the base, we added our own toppings of spring onions, capsicum and mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic. We then generously sprinkled the cheese over it, which we could’ve done with an extra packet of! Pop that in the oven for about 10 minutes at 240 degrees as mentioned on the pack, but make sure to keep a check to get the right brown base you prefer.

So yes, while it is a no hassle ten-minute ready to eat pizza you can make at home, we suggest you go creative with the toppings and sauce, based on your taste preferences (and if you’re willing to bid goodbye to procrastination) to make this experience even better.

With no preservatives and two 8-inch pizzas in one kit for Rs. 180, we think stocking up your storeroom with these boxes will be a good idea for those sudden cravings!

Shop for The Home Made Pizza Co here. For deliveries in Mumbai, you can also call Sonal on 9820639114.


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