“The House Next Door” at Matthieu Foss Gallery

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GET: a look at Novelist Siddhart Dhanvant Shanhvi’s solo photographic exhibition “The House Next Door”, showing for the 1st time in India.

IN: Matthieu Foss Gallery, Hansraj Damodar Building, Ground floor Goa Street, Ballard Estate Mumbai, 400001 Tel: 022 67477261/62 or 67477263

ON: Preview on Jan 27th from 7-9:30 pm. On view from Jan 28th till 26th Feb 2011, 11am to 7pm (Sunday Closed)

IT: This is powerful exhibition with a series of Melancholy and unsettling pictures exploring the again and isolation, physical space and emotional discord, memory and the loss if personal identity.

About the Exhibition:

Novelist Siddhart Dhanvant Shanghvi’s father was diagnosed with with brain cancer. To relieve his fathers isolation post the chemotherapy, bruschetta, a miniature daschund was brought to the family home. Soon there after Siddhart moved in next door from his father. He began to document his father’s life after cancer, a new life with fewer friends, more physical constraints and a puppy at his feet. Personal without violating privacies the images are intimate and symphonic record of how we age, the tension between fathers and sons, and the unpredictably tender ways animals companion our solitude. Most of all, it is a poetic and visual homage from a son to a father, a testimony of the efforts made to the progression of sickness through the use of photography and its power to immortalize moments in time.

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