The Ink Pot: Bespoke Literary Services

It was the Old Curiosity Shop that intrigued us. A part of The Ink Pot publishing consultants, the OCS is a virtual store of literary knick knackery. A peculiar store that we happened to stumble upon, the OCS stocks limited edition bespoke literary accessories such as a door made of book covers and a wall paper capturing the scene from your favourite story.

The Ink Pot, a unique print and publishing consultancy conceived by Pooja Shah aims at giving a certain form to your content. Inspired from her visit to the world’s biggest publishing event, The Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008, Pooja started The Ink Pot in 2011 after completing her studies in England.

The Ink Pot provides a range of bespoke editorial and production services for publishing houses, independent authors, corporate and institutions who are looking at self publishing. Whether an art connoisseur, a bibliophile or someone who simply appreciates and collects art, you would love their products and services.

The company basically aims at creating distinctive publications and strives to make every project unique. They provide both, complete concept to creation services and also undertake one-off jobs to design book covers, personalized stationery, book launch invites and more.

We simply adore the Lucky Diary and the bespoke residential wall paper on an enchanted Indian forest that she considers among her best works, apart from the Unjunked cookbook and The Saga of Sitaram Jiwarajka – a biography.

The Ink Pot can be reached by dropping them an e-mail on They are open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Check their website here.

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