The Little Door Review: A Charming Al Fresco

Entering a restaurant has never been so amusing. The Little Door, opened on March 1, 2012 will compel you to bow your head and try to fit yourself through this blue door. So duck before you step in!

The Little Door has positioned itself as a pub that also wishes to provide excellent food and amazing (drink) games. I had a choice between indoor and outdoor seating. Considering the pleasant weather, my companion and I chose the latter.

After the ambiance, the menu is what impressed me the most at this dimly lit place. Why? It’s so detailed, and every dish/drink has a tale. Do you know what’s the story behind a Daiquiri? The ones behind The Little Door do. And the first drink (and game) for the evening was Crash Berlin (Jagermeister + Beer). You need to gulp down the drink as someone blows the trumpet! My co-diner gulped down two while I stared in amusement. I ordered for a Turkish Roulette. It was a good balance of vodka, lemongrass, melon and ginger ale. However, what failed to impress was the bar indoor. It had a lot of empty space. A bar with less bottles? Na!

Our starters were contributed by the farmers, hunters and fishermen. First was Arranchini Di Riso; Sicilian style risotto balls stuffed with cheese and crumb fried. It was served with a bed of warm pomodoro sauce as promised. Next, we had the TLD Special Sausages. Every bite reminded me that these pork sausages were charcoal grilled, sautéed with red wine and had a unique blend of spices. Our third starter of the evening was Shrimp Brochette. If you love bacon, you must try this juicy dish. It’s shrimp stuffed with jalepano, wrapped with bacon and topped with cheese. Yum Yum Yummy!

Our main course comprised Koto Yemista, grilled chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese, and topped with cream sauce. To go with it, I opted for a Podka – It added the spice to the meal. You must try it out. They say, this is what you’d like to be called after swallowing a large amount at one time. It was spiceeeyyyy!

This white and blue themed resto-bar doesn’t just focus on serving Mediterranean food, it also aims to take you there. Our decision to sit outdoors was certainly the best. Excellent service! It’s good that the servers are well-versed with the menu and can explain the contents of any dish or drink. Also, the playlist had me grooving in my seat most of the time with its loud techno beats. What more could I ask for?

Dinner for two will come up to Rs. 2000 with drinks.

Address: The Little Door, Plot No. B 31, Ground Floor, Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053

- Suezelle

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