The Local: A New Bar at Fort in Mumbai

At The Local, a new bar at Fort in Mumbai, you will find no bouncers at the entrance. No trespassers permitted. No entry charge. But once you’re in, you wouldn’t want to come out. Then how do you enter?
Before we tell you how, let us also tell you that The Local is bringing back the Prohibition Era, in a way of being the only underground pub Mumbai has. The décor is inspired by works of graffiti artist and political activist Banksy, and so the walls are washed with street art. All in all, the space is grungy (in a cool way) enough to give it an underground feel. Did we also mention how cheap the drinks are here?
Now, to get to the main point, how do you enter? You type in a numerical password on a keypad outside the main door, and it will automatically open up to a fairly large space of pumped music, artsy decor and clanking mugs. To maintain exclusivity, the passcode will keep changing with time, and will be revealed via text messages and a smartphone application (which is yet to be launched).
The Local has drinks that are inspired by Indian flavours, in keeping with its ‘local’ theme, so expect your vodka with some kokum juice or a hint of spice. Imli ka Nasha, anyone? Mojitos and margaritas are priced at Rs. 230 while a pint of beer would cost approximately Rs. 140. Cheap much? The Mumbai alcoholic invaders are already sniffing their way here…
The bar snacks too come with an Indian twist in the form of Chorizo Pao, Crispy Okra, Goan Style Sorpotel, Peri Peri Chicken Drumsticks and more.
Follow The Local on Twitter @TLBombay and us @get_inonit to stay updated or call them on 022 22671421.
Keep a close check on those SMSes, The Local password might be in there somewhere.
Who needs company when you got secret codes, alcohol and Banksys’s art?
Note: The image (courtesy: Corbis) is used for representational purposes only.
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