The Pint Room That Is Filled With Beer

The mark of the weekend for many, almost all, is a chilled pint of beer. And so all roads lead to places that serve it, in great quantities. So when The Pint Room opened up in Bandra, there were bound to be a ton of happy souls. This ‘beer café’ or ‘meeting room’ as they would like to call it, has beer from across the globe in one room to satisfy parched throats. One can choose from the regular Kingfisher pints to international beers like Asahi, Hoegarden, Miller, Stella, Viru Premium and more. This brightly lit bar will serve you snack platters and the food menu includes dishes like jalapeno poppers, crostini, sushi and more. 
So if you want to chug and down some lagers and fine ales, head to The Pint Room for a chiler.  
A pint of Kingfisher would cost Rs. 175 while international beers range between Rs. 250 and Rs. 450.
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