The (t)Wit Master: Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud


The (t)Wit Master is not your boy-next-door. He is funny, witty and personifies sarcasm. Are your 140 characters enough to make him laugh or catch his attention? Only the sharpest/funniest/smartest tweets by fellow tweeters will make their way to this list. Will your tweet be next? 



@oneblackcoffee I cannot tolerate humans today.

(Ticket to Mars?)


@SupraMario Manmohan Singh’s orange shirt is the new Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

(Wonder how it will look on Lady Gaga)



Do you see that red line under the words you type like “nd” “awsm” “lyf” “typ” “luvv”? Yeah? That’s not for decoration, you moron.

(Finally, someone knows how we feel!)



One day I’ll open my own wine shop and name it Sim-Sim so that when it’s closed people say Khul Ja.. and it opens..

(When is the launch?)


@pal36 Dear awkward moments, I need to tweet something, come soon.

(Haha, will this moment do?)


@ArjunTejwani Wouldn’t Arctic/ Antarctic people wanna to go to the “Tom and Jerry” fiery hell?

(Good question)


She: “Are you seeing someone?” Me: “I keep seeing when she was last seen on Whatsapp. Does that count?”

(Technology, you sly thing!)


@ChandniT Only trust people who like big butts..


@ChandniT …because they cannot lie!





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