The What, When, Why And How of NH7 Weekender 2012

“Music is food to the soul,” anonymous.

In a country that has so much raw talent budding in every corner, it is only justified to showcase this natural skill of art and culture that is in our blood. And one such form of art that is being recognized in India is music. Nh7, a platform created for music lovers to experience young, emerging talents from India and across the world has created a name for itself in a very short time. When they held their first Nh7 Weekender music fest, it was much talked about and anticipated when the line-up was announced. The results exceeded everyone’s expectations, with a huge ground that had over five stages, all themed according to different genres of music. The vibe, the music, the people, it all reminded us of a time where freedom was taken seriously. A mini Woodstock like feeling, shall we say? Musicians from across the country played different instruments while the audience swayed and lost themselves in the world of art defined through sound.

In two years Nh7 has proved the worth of taking a leave from your corporate offices, packing your bags and heading to this three day music festival of happiness and celebration. This year they promise to have us enchanted with a completely new line-up of artistes in Pune. You may or may not have heard of them, but going by this festival’s success rate, we say you block your dates albeit the absence of your famous Pentagrams and Shaa’ir + Funcs!

This is what you should look forward to this year:


The Pune edition of the NH7 Weekender will take place in the spacious, green grounds of Amanora Park Town between 2nd and 4th November, 2012. Expect to have a large amount of people but don’t get disappointed, because the park can accommodate thousands! Entry for such events can be chaotic, but going by our experience last year, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes if you have your passes and identity cards in place.


This year, Australian prog rockers Karnivool will headline the festival on the Bacardi Black Rock Arena. 

Seun Kuti, son of afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, and his band Egypt 80 will perform at The Dewarists Stage alongside acts like Kailasa. Das Racist will play the Fully Fantastic Stage alongside the likes of The Supersonics. The entirety of the lineup can be found at the official website.

Here are some of the bands that each stage will have:

Bacardi Black Rock Arena

Karnivool, Indus Creed, Pangea, Paradigm Shift

The Dewarists Stage

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Kailasa, Thermal And A Quarter, La Pongal

Eristoff Wolves Den

DJ Nihal presents Bombay Bronx, Driving Lolita, BLOT!, Nucleya

The Other Stage

Susmit Sen, Dharohar Project, Vasuda Sharma, Imli Imchen, Vernon Noronha

Dub Station

Mungos Hi-Fi, Mr Williamz, Delhi Sultanate, Mode 7

Fully Fantastic Stage

Das Racist, The Supersonics, Adam & The Fish-Eyed Poets, Gandu Circus


Be assured to meet people from across the globe and from all walks of life – hippies, corporates, metal heads (yes, they are everywhere), artists, writers, music composers and everyone who agrees that music is important to live.


We were totally besotted by The Dewarist Stage last year- it took us to some place beautiful where shiny happy people live in unison. If you’re thinking our sanity just walked out the door, you may want to check the stage out yourself this year to know what we are talking about. The Dub Station too, has its own charm with upbeat music and pumping tracks that make rounds. 


We wanted to be gutsy and adventurous so we decided to ride down from Mumbai to Pune on Enfields. You may want to try doing the same. The old highway is a beautiful road to ride on and not jammed with traffic contrary to belief. Make sure you’re fully geared up for protection and have necessary facilities to take you through the trip. Don’t forget your helmets and carry as less baggage as possible, if you want to freely enjoy the festival.

As we said, you may not have heard of all the bands in the line-up, but definitely go for the experience!

For details on the NH7 Weekender in Delhi, click here.

Sneha Mankani

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