The White Owl Review – A New Brewery And Bistro!

Tucked away in One India Bulls Mart, The White Owl reveals itself to be a well done up place in hues of brown with grey stonehenge that make up the walls. There is also a bar area smack in the middle, which is surrounded by the sitting area and of course, the brewery! To our disappointment though, the brewery had not yet begun brewing beers and was still in the processing stage. Well, these things aren’t unheard of when you decide to swoop down on a brand new restaurant.



TWO (The White Owl, for those uninitiated) is a generously lit place. There are pretty lights hanging from the top, along with bulbs and chandeliers, but in my opinion they could tone it down a bit. What with this being a beer place and all, folks would want a place more minimal and less lustrous.



Anyhoo, let’s get down to business of The White Owl review, shall we?



We started off with a cocktail, Ninzcup. A white wine based Sangria, it had a splash of gingerale and was garnished with chopped mint and pieces of fresh green apple. The mint lent its flavour very liberally to the drink, which we enjoyed very much. A strong wine essence, yet almost cheekily subtle to the taste, the Ninzcup Sangria was one of the best that we have had. And believe me, we have had our fair share of Sangrias!



Next up on the menu was an appetizer, Cottage Cheese Chilli-Verde on Skewers. The cottage cheese was cooked to perfection and marinated well. Neither was it drowning in the depths of the sauce nor had it turned soggy because of it. With big blocks of chunky cottage cheese, this could have been a winner. I, however, would have preferred it if the sauce had been more flavourful.



The Classic Grilled Chicken Salad followed the appetizer. Not for those who are mindful of intense flavours on their palates, I for one loved the sesame dressing that the lettuce leaves were done up in. The square cubes of chicken were delicious and the blocks of shallow fried bread crumbs were a surprise element.



For the main course, we were served Gingerale Chicken and Asparagus Entrees. An all-consuming flavour of ginger seemed at constant battle with the chicken, the taste of which played peek-a-boo with our senses. The asparagus was nicely done, while the potatoes on the side were the stuff delicious dreams are made of. A combination of crispy crunch on the outside and tasty mash on the inside, we wished the chicken were as yummy as this. 



Next up, our fave part, the dessert! Trying to keep it simple, we called for the Fresh Alphonso Cheesecake, which was anything but simple. Rich and royal with the cream, the tastefully cut pieces of mangoes was the cherry on top. What also won us over was the mango flavoured sauce that the cheesecake was bathed in.



There’s only one other thing. The White Owl tries to be a host of things at once. It plays loud music that is club-worthy and has a huge screen that plays Tennis matches for the sports fans. Confusing? Yes. What’s more? It also has cushions strewn on its minimal furniture and outdoorsy benches (no lounging chairs or relaxing ottoman for you!) that read ‘Drink Wisely’. Why and in a brewery, no less? We wonder. But then let’s give The White Owl some time to come into its own.



Catering exclusively to the culture that is young and relaxed, you can either choose to dress up or dress down here. While a meal for two would cost you anywhere upwards of Rs. 1,500, it all does depend on your alcohol intake. Not to forget, this meal also stood out because it was so delightfully well planned, accompanied by impeccable service. We had to literally drag our almost content selves out the door to step out into the hot and humid June air!


Address: One Indiabulls Center, Tower 2 Lobby, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400013

Contact No.: 022 24210231

Timings: Open every day between 12 noon to 1:30 am

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