Theek Kar Do: A Fix For Your Gadgets

Has your oven stopped working when you wanted to bake a cake for your sweetheart, or has your iPad refused to connect to the Wi-Fi while you were about two hours away from your boardroom meeting? How frustrating were those time! You don’t have to worry about tech mishaps anymore because Theek Kar Do is here. 

A website with a rather quirky name, Theek Kar Do is all about fixing your gadgets in as many as three days. They promise free service if you don’t have one of their people repairing your gadget in less than two hours. They will come home and take your gadget away, only to keep up to their promise of returning it after servicing in three days. They come with a mission to solve all the post-warranty problems faced by people living in Mumbai. Even though they have limited services as of now, they promise to expand it in the near future.

One thing is for sure, as they say it, you won’t ever have to say “Aise hi chalana padega”. 


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