5 Over-The-Top Themes For Your Next Saturday Night Party

How many of us have been invited to a friend’s sad excuse of a party where the food consisted of Lays chips and a music channel blaring the same Hindi or pop songs? Well, next time you can suggest a cool theme to your friend to turn it into the event of the year. Theme parties are a cool way of personalising the event. Here are five out-of-the-box, over-the-top themes that you can suggest the next time you (or someone you know) decides to throw a bash. We’ve listed everything, from the drinks to make to the props to buy to get the night started.

1. The Miley Cyrus Theme

themes for a partyWhen your party is based on the wild child of Hollywood, you know it is never going to be a boring event. Decorate the venue with glittering balls, posters of midgets and Miley’s crazy antic photos. All you need to complete the party is some crazy people who know how to have a good time.

Dress code: Shorts, crop tops, spandex, faux fur coats in bright shades and lolling tongues.

Props: Short blonde wigs, foam fingers, a cut-out of Robin Thicke and your twerking skills.

Drink: Flaming cocktails & Jell-O shots

2. The ‘ Drag Queens On Holiday’ Theme

themes for parties
Drag queens are known for their over-the-top personalities, but add drag queens who are on a holiday and you got yourself a theme no one will forget. Play some Cher or Diana Ross to really get you in the Queeny mood. You know what they say—go big or go home no matter where you are.

Dress code: Shiny suits, dresses with lots of embellishments, loud makeup and sky-high heels.

Props: Glitter bags, huge wigs, feather boas, quirky sunglasses, bright coloured sarongs, large hats and Chinese umbrellas.

Drink: Cosmopolitans and umbrella cocktails

3. The Game Of Thrones Theme

themes for party
How could we skip on this famous and beloved show. We all have our favourites characters, ones we adore and those that we hate with all our might (Joffrey!!!!). It’s big, it’s bad and the show has dragons—what more do you need?

Dress code: Long flowy gowns, leather vests, capes, long coats and crowns.

Props: Braided wigs, swords, wolf and dragon cutouts, steel mugs, chalices and a chair with fake spears as the throne.

Drink: Wine & whisky

4. The Famous Celebrity Children Theme

themes for party
We’ve all dressed up as a celebrity at some point in our lives. But with the latest boom in babyville, celebrity babies are gaining more attention than their parents. Whether you’re a fan of Suri Cruise or North West, these babies have been born with a silver spoon, while we don’t even get to eat with one. Find your favourite celebrity couple and we are sure there is a baby somewhere in the picture.

Dress code: Bibs, adult diapers, cute hair accessories, rompers, fancy purses, sunglasses and baby bottles.

Props: Strollers, bags with fake designer names, baby footies, sippy cups and fake credit cards.

Drink: Champagne & Martini

5. The Mexican Fiesta Theme

themes for a partyThe Mexican theme is full of colour and life and lots of food—with tacos as the speciality. Ole!! The Mexican fiesta will get you grooving and singing along to those catchy Spanish tunes (Pitbull not included).

Dress code: Long frilly dresses or skirts for women; slim pants, a poncho and a moustache for men.

Props: Maracas (shakers), sombrero hats, pinata, chilli decorations, moustaches, colourful bandanas and colourful paper lanterns.

Drink: Spicy Margarita & tequila

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