Things You Should Never Say to a Short Woman

Never Say the Following...

Stick to our list of things never to say…

If there was a list of common problems that all short women of the world shared, having to strain our neck while talking to a tall person and utter dislike for someone who blocks our view at concerts and movies would definitely top the list. But what we loathe even more are absurd statements and questions from people that stereotype us based on our appearance.  To save you from such socially awkward moments, here are some things you should never say to a short woman:

  1. Do you shop at the kids’ section?

    None of the above.

    We would go with the invisible option D.  None of Your Business, Freak!

  2. Go shorty, It’s Your Birthday!If someone gave us 50 cents for each time we heard this song on our birthday…we would be freaking rich.
  3. You are so small and cute.
    No. A Chihuahua is small and cute. Unless, that’s what you implied in the first place.

    I am small and I know it.

    I am small and I know It!

  4. My 16-year-old has outgrown her clothes. They might fit you.
    I may be short, but I am not a homeless kid.  I prefer wearing my own clothes.
  5. You can fit anywhere.
    Go away. We hate “small” talk.

    No, I cannot fit into that

    I Don’t Think So!

  6. Show Your ID?
    There is no solution to this one. ShortPeopleProblems #455
  7. You are so tiny. Can I carry you?
    May I punch you?

    While you were talking...

    While you were talking…

  8. So you drive?
    Yes, you size-racist person.
  9. You have such a pretty face. You could have been a model if you were taller.
    Yes, that’s the only career option someone who is tall and pretty may want to have.

    Role Models?

    Role Models?

  10. Hey, Sorry! I didn’t notice you in the crowd.
    At this point, we want to take off our four-inch heels, throw them into space and hope it lands on your head.
  11. All good things come in small packages.
    A compliment that doesn’t really make us feel any “good” about ourselves. Also, the worst pickup line ever used on short women.

    Yes, that's the word you are looking for.

    Yes, that’s the word you are looking for.

  12. Could you pick that up for me please? You are closer to the ground anyway.
    Sure. On my way up, could I also knock you over?
  13. You are lucky. You don’t look your age…
    Okay, we don’t really mind this one. But we would appreciate more original compliments #justsaying

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