Things To Steal From Your Mum’s Wardrobe this Mother’s Day!

Want to try out a new look this summer but don’t know where to begin? Ditch the malls and head down the hall to your mum’s wardrobe! That’s right, with a closet full of clothes spanning decades, your mother probably has more trendy clothes than you can imagine. The best part? You get them for free! (One more reason to love you, mum—Happy Mother’s Day!)
Sure, she may not be tuned in to the latest trends, but her wardrobe probably is. Confused? Don’t be. With fashion trends in constant revival mode, don’t be surprised if your mum has a couple of runway-worthy gems stashed away. Go on, dig in!

Kate Hudson Goldie Hawn

Much like ours, our mother’s generation saw a bit of everything—big and bold, small and minimalistic, the classics, of course, and even some boho. Depending on what she was most taken in by, you’re likely to find some gorgeous denim waistcoats, a pair of looking-better-with-age stonewashed jeans, a pair of high-waist, wide-leg denims or a classic denim shirt/jacket. And if your mum used to be a similar size to you, she might even have a discarded pair of skinny jeans (she probably called them drainpipes) that you could slip right into.
To avoid looking like somebody who walked out straight from the sets of That 70s Show, pair your fave piece from her closet with something that is closer to your personality.
How to wear it: The key to pulling off something that is from the ‘70s or ‘80s is to pair it with something that’s totally hot right now. Knot her denim shirt at the waist and pair it with a pair of shorts, preferably in bright hues. Pair the high-waist, wide-legged jeans with a crop top for an outfit that is all the rage with fashionistas right now.

Things to steal from your mum's closet classic denim shirt


With temperatures soaring, the chicest way to look fabulous and beat the heat is to wear a skirt. If you’re bored to death with your own collection, your mum’s wardrobe may have just what you need. In fact, you might not know this but most of the trends popular today can be traced back to the ‘70s (when your mum was growing up). If she followed trends religiously, she might have a couple of miniskirts to boast of.
How to wear it: Even if she wasn’t a fan of the itsy-bitsy skirt, she would definitely have some gorgeous midis that you could pair with a crop top for a perfect breezy yet feminine summer look. Wear her flowy maxis with a pastel top or a white top (a summer staple) and make an elegant style statement.

Things to steal from your mum's closet Midi skirt


Can you imagine your mum in a leather jacket, ripped jeans or leather pants? Probably not. But her wardrobe might just bear evidence of her rebellious days. In fact, the characteristic dishevelled punk look was first popularised by the Sex Pistols in the ‘70s and instantly became a rage.
How to wear it: If your mum has leather pants that you fit into, get a little creative with them rather than just wearing them as they are. Try cropping them so that it takes off that biker-girl edge and looks chic. This also gives you an opportunity to show off your perfect pair of heels. To make the look more laidback, pair it with a sportier shirt or something that is well-fitted, but not figure hugging. You could also dress it down by wearing it with a casual top and a pair of flats.

Things to steal from your mum's closet leather pants


If your mum’s clothes turn out to be a major disappointment, don’t lose heart just yet. Pay closer attention to her collection of ultra-feminine silk scarves, summer stoles and sunglasses. The silk scarf, a fashion staple of the yesteryear, can instantly transform a drab outfit into something that is classy and elegant.
How to wear it: Flaunt one of your mum’s silk scarves with a flowy summer dress or even with the classic white tee and denims. Try on her oversized chunky glasses and complete the look with a summer hat from her collection.

Things to steal from your mum's closet oversized sunglasses

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