10 Things You Must Borrow From Your Boyfriend’s Cupboard

Having a boyfriend is great. You can go out on fun dates, have endless conversations, text all day and borrow his clothes. Yes, you heard us right! Now you have one more closet to raid, and, as our agony bro tells us, it’s totally hot. So ladies, make these 10 things your fashion essentials.

things you need from boyfriend's cupboard

1. Shirts
Classic whites, plaid and checks, denims—almost all his shirts will work beautifully for you. Pair them with skinny jeans, a fitted pencil skirt or shorts, along with some funky accessories.

2. Jeans
Those torn jeans he wants to throw away are your treasure. Alter the waist if needed and wear your oh-so-chic distressed denim with a crop top.

3. Jackets
Boyfriend or oversized jackets are cool fashion trends. Combine them with a cool tank top or a short dress for a casual look.

4. Worn-Out Tees
Fold his old, faded tees up and wear them with a short skirt or fitted bottoms. You can even create your own crop top with an old tee.

5. Pullovers and Cardigans
Huge sweaters and cardigans are your best friends in the winter. They are comfy and loose (plus, they have his fragrance). Wear them with fitted shirts and shorts for a semi-formal look.

6. Beach Shorts
His beach shorts with strings can double up as your casual, oversized shorts when you’re bored with your wardrobe collection. Wear them with a printed tank top or a solid colour tee during the summer.

7. Bow-ties
If your man is the bow-tie wearing sort, you need to sneak one from his collection for you. Go for an androgynous look by pairing it with fitted pants and a tucked-in shirt, or go for a cutesy look by wearing it in your hair.

8. Hats and Caps
Get a classic hat from your man’s closet and wear it during summers with a jumpsuit for a cool look.

9. Watches and Sunglasses
Okay, so if you love his new Wayfarers, you’ve got to wear them at least for a few days—even if they are oversized. Wear them with a denim shirt, printed shorts and hat for a summer day out. Borrow your man’s watch if it fits you and wear it with a solid colour dress and long necklaces to get an effortlessly edgy look.

10. Perfume
If you love his masculine fragrance, use it to complete your androgynous look.

Already heading over to your boyfriend’s place? Do tell us if you find other fashionable items in his wardrobe.

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