12 things to pack in your beach bag

If you’re escaping the cold for the warm sun and sandy shores this holiday season then be sure to pack wisely. We give you all the essential things to pack in your beach bag to ensure some relaxing days and an amazing sea-side experience to turn you into a total beach bum.

beach bag

1. Sunscreen

A sunburn isn’t really the best accessory so slathering on plenty of sunscreen is a no-brainer, really. Make sure it has a high SPF and is waterproof.

2. A Fab Swimsuit

All those hours sweating it out in the gym are finally going to pay off when you the shores in a killer suit. Be it a cute bikini or a sexy monokini, a great swimsuit is the only dress code to follow on the sand.

3. Pretty Sunnies

Sunglasses protect your pretty peepers from the sun as well as the sand. Plus, they take your style quotient up a few notches, making them a necessity on the beach.

4. Lip Balm

Between the sun, sand, wind and salt it’s important to protect your pucker while lounging around on the shore. A moisturizing lip balm is essential to apply generously for a perfect pout.

5. A Beach Towel

Unless you want to spend the entire day rolling around in the sun, a big, bright beach towel is a must to relax on as well as to help you dry off after a dip in the ocean.

6. An iPod

Arm yourself with a fun playlist to have your fave tunes accompany you at your day on the sand.

7. A Trendy Cover Up

A gorgeous sarong or a breezy dress is an absolute must for a cute beach style to wear on top of your swimsuit.

8. Bright Flip Flops

Funky and fab flip flops with sand and surf go hand in hand. They will help you walk on the beach and protect your feet from hard shells and very hot sand while brightening up your beach wardrobe.

9. A Camera

You can’t forget your camera when you set out on holiday. How else are you going to relive those care-free days on the shore doing nothing but having fun?

10. A Good Read

When you’re not taking a dip in the sea or frolicking in the sand, kicking back with a good book or magazines can be the most blissfully relaxing thing to do on vacation.

11. Bottle Of Water

Spending an entire day under the sun’s glare can leave you dehydrated. It is extremely essential to keep sipping on water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Even if you are downing a few beach cocktails, have a few gulps of water in between as alcohol can be extremely dehydrating as well and you need to conserve all your energy for fun beach activities.

12. A Beach Ball or Frisbee

Have some fun and indulge in a fun game of catch or even volleyball. Even if you aren’t the sporty type, you’ll be surprised at how exhilarating it feels and it is perfect for making new friends.


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