Things We Don’t Want to See at Lakme Fashion Week 2013

Come 23rd August and there will be only one thing on every fashionista’s mind: The Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013. A great platform for young and established brilliant designers to showcase their designs for the upcoming festive season, LFW will have 86 designers participating this year. Industry stalwart Manish Malhotra will be kick-starting the event and Sabyasachi will provide the much needed royal grand finale as he showcases his designs after a hiatus of five long years. While we are all excited to see what the brightest minds in fashion have in store for us this season, there are a couple of things that we are thoroughly bored of and do not wish to see again.


Bushy eyebrows: It was the biggest trend of the London Fashion Week as Supermodel Cara Delevingne lit up the catwalk with her wild brows. While it wouldn’t take much for Indian women to leave their mighty brow untamed, we are not yet ready to give our tweezers their much needed break. 


Neon: Neon is like the ungrateful guest who has overstayed its welcome. We have had enough of the garish colours in every form, from make up to accessories. Knowing our fave designers’ fondness for the trend, it might be advisable to carry a pair of sunnies, just in case. 


Crop Tops: This is one trend we could do without. Yes, we are looking at you girl with the wash board abs. The rest of the population hates you.


Spikes and Studs: You’d think with the rising crime rates against women, these would double up as weapons of self defence. If only they looked as good.


Asymmetrical Hemlines: If tent like silhouettes weren’t unflattering enough, add an asymmetrical hemline, especially to Indian wear and you have something that resembles a horrible sewing accident. 



Peplum:The trend that took the fashion industry by storm is one of our favourites too. But we could do without our designers trying to Indianize it by adapting it into hilarious creations like the peplum lehenga.


‘Celeb’ Showstoppers: While we are sure Bollywood style king Manish will have A list show stoppers, we could do without the so called ‘actresses’ like Isha Sharvani and Evenlyn Sharma that are only seen at fashion shows and social dos. Why are they famous again?


Cowl Pants: It might be a respite for the well endowed, but for the rest of us, drop crotch pants are ugly. Period.


The same ol’ faces: We are tired of seeing the likes of the same old models on the runway. Don’t you think it’s time for them to hang up their heels and start working on their retirement plans? Some new faces would be a breath of much needed fresh air. We could do with a lot more male models and showstoppers. A little male eye candy never hurt anyone. 


In the meantime, read all about ace designer Manish Malhotra at the Lakme Fashion Week over the years and what to expect at the grand opening.


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