Laughter Is Contagious: 5 Things We Learned From Robin Williams

When we woke up this morning, our Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with news about our beloved star, Robin Williams, passing away. It was like a little bit of our childhood died along with him.

The highly talented actor and comic left us with a whole lot of beautiful, award-winning movies—and an empty space in our hearts. In tribute to this marvellous actor, we list down five things we learnt from him (and his movies) as children.

1. Family Comes First: Mrs. Doubtfire
Dressed as an adorable old lady, Williams played the role of Mrs Doubtfire, showing us how family plays the most important part in our lives and why it should always come first.

2. External Beauty Is Not Everything: Bicentennial Man
Whether you’re slim, curvy, man, woman or even a robot; love conquers all. And this movie simply states that. What matters most is how beautiful you are on the inside.

3. Friendships Last For Life: Aladdin
We cannot count the number of times we’ve wished for this genie to be our best friend, too. Whether he was saving Jasmine or playing with Iago, we knew that Genie and Aladdin were friends for life.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Set Your Inner Child Free: Jumanji
It’s never too late to be creative and start something crazy. Jumanji taught us that it is important we never miss our childlike innocence. Because life is an adventure, after all.

5. Never Give Up Hope: Patch Adams
Finally, as Dr Adams, Robin showed us to never let go of hope. Even in the darkest hour, hope can bring happiness into your life. If only we could add some cheer to his life and give him a big, fat hug.

The one thing we will remember from the reel and real life of Mr Williams is to laugh—always.

RIP, Robin Williams—we hope you are in a better place.

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