10 Things You Do To Attract Men That Are REALLY Not Working

Your hair is in place and you’ve been on your best behaviour. In fact, you even tried your cute giggle, but he still didn’t call you after that second date. The reason? You’re probably doing it all wrong. From one girl to another, we share the inside secrets. Take a look and avoid doing the 10 things mentioned below.

1. Being A Giggly Bimbo
It might seem like all the good guys are with the stupid women, but here’s a reality check for you girl—it’s not true. Men like women who are smart, confident and intelligent. It is a really big turn-on if she can do maths and talk about political issues. So, push the giggly mess away.

Things You Do To Attract Men 2. Being One Of The Boys
Let’s put it this way, if he wanted a boys night out he would have met his guy friends. He doesn’t need you for that. While it is essential to be smart, don’t try to be on the other extreme and be too ‘cool’ for him. Be ladylike and graceful.

Things You Do To Attract Men 3. Makeup Queen
Being ladylike brings us to this point—stop overdoing the makeup. No, he doesn’t like your blush and smokey eyes—keep those for your girls’ night out and selfies. For him, be natural and simple. If you’re going to a fancy place, opt for a tinted moisturiser, kajal and neutral shade of lipstick. Keep your hair open—trust us, he loves that.

Things You Do To Attract Men 4. Being Over-Modest
If he’s into you, he is going to compliment you. And while it is nice to be modest, it can be a real put-off when you’re too modest, almost bordering on self-esteem issues. For example, if he compliments your dress, the ideal reply would be thank you. Don’t ruin it by saying, “I’ve put on a lot of weight, I normally look much thinner.”

Things You Do To Attract Men 5. Eating Sparsely
Okay, so you don’t need to binge on food, but you don’t need to starve either. Men like women who eat well and, more importantly, eat healthy. If you skip dessert or simply munch on boring starters, he isn’t going to be impressed.

Things You Do To Attract Men 6. Drinking As Much As Him
You know those women who get drunk on one bottle of beer? Yes, they are a big turn-off. But you know who’s a bigger turn-off? Someone who drinks too much to prove a point. A man may find it uncomfortable in the first few dates if you out-drink him.

Things You Do To Attract Men 7. Jumping To the Sex Talk
He wants to do it, you want to do it, everybody knows you guys want to do it at some point. That’s the reason why you’re on a date. But jumping the gun to the sex talk in your first few conversations is simply strange. Unfortunately, men are quick to judge women who talk about sex instantly. You may have this conversation, but at a later stage when you both know each other well.

Things You Do To Attract Men 8. Being The ‘Yes’ Girl
You have the biggest crush on him, we know. But you can’t let him have his way and agree to everything he says. Men like a bit of a challenge or chase and would love to meet a girl who has a mind of her own. While you may not say ‘yes’ to everything, even small things such as being totally okay when he makes you wait more than 15 minutes, letting him get away with offensive statements or simply letting him get touchy-feely can make you seem like a pushover.

Things You Do To Attract Men 9. Too Much Information
A man appreciates when you share some personal details in the beginning; it makes him feel a part of your life. But sharing all your emotional problems, your mood-swings, ex-boyfriends, family and dog is a bit too much. He might consider you to be too ‘damaged’.

Things You Do To Attract Men 10. Letting Him Take The Charge Of Everything
If you’re too passive and let him do all the work, he’s not going to particularly love it. Participate in deciding where to go or what to do. And always, always offer to split the bill.

Things You Do To Attract Men Have more dating tips for us? Do share with us and let us know in the comments section.

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