Home Alone: 11 Things You Face While Living Alone

When I was a teen, I couldn’t wait to grow up and live alone. The adult life sounded so promising. No parents to answer to, party and hang out with friends as much as you want, no mom to nag you about picking up your clothes and doing the chores—the thought of all that sounded like heaven to me. And when that day finally came a few years ago, I realised living alone wasn’t everything I had quite expected it to be. As everything in life, with the good comes the bad. Here are some things all of us who live alone go through, at least once.

1. You’re Constantly Poor
So sale season is basically your worst enemy. There goes another Rs 2,000 on those sexy heeled shoes, which will remain in your cupboard for months. Since living alone means you also have to take care of the house expenses (yes, they exist), you will be short on the monetary funds. Who knew electricty could be so expensive? living alone

2. The TV Is All Yours
No more MMA wrestling matches and screaming contests with your siblings, parents or grandparents to get to the remote and watch your favourite shows. The main source of entertainment is all yours and you know you will be hooked to it day and night. Football season? So what, I will watch a rom-com instead. living alone

3. Food: The Love Of Your Life
When you live all by yourself, cooking healthy meals (or any meals, for that matter) don’t take priority. By the end of your first month, Dominoes will be on speed dial, while your kitchen shelves will be stocked with Maggi, which will be your go-to dinner almost every night. Being invited to a friend’s house for dinner and the thought of a home-cooked meal will be enough to get you acting like a hungry animal. living alone4. Bug Attack
Dealing with pesky insects all by yourself can be challenging at times. And when they refuse to go down easily, you have to declare an all-out war. I have provided a guide on different ways and strategies you can use to deal with these disgusting little insects that give you sleepless nights. It’s time to bring out the Leonidas in you.

living alone

5. No Pressure To Be A Decent Human
The best thing about living all by yourself is that you can do all the disgusting things like picking your nose (let’s be honest, we all do it), living in your pajamas, picking food off the floor and eating it (turning the five-second rule into 40) without the judging eyes of others boring into you. Sorry mom, I know how much you wanted me to be a lady.

living alone living alone

6. Singing & Dancing
You can sing and dance all you want, and keep playing the same song on repeat till sunrise, while whipping out your twerking skills that will put even Miley Cyrus to shame. And yes, you secretly love Taylor Swift and sing her girly, I-love-you-but-don’t-cross-me-or-you-will-suffer kind of songs—even though you wouldn’t dream of admitting it out loud. living alone living alone

7. Being Sick
The fact that there is no one to look after and pamper you, when you fall sick is the hardest part about living alone. So all your whining and mopping will have to be kept to yourself. living alone

8. Party Time
You can party late every night without being yelled at. You can have friends over any time of the day and night, and really get your social skills up and running. However, you will be left to deal with the duty of cleaning up after all by yourself. And don’t expect to get any sympathy when you have a bad case of hangover. You, my friend, are on your own. But, then again, you get to party. Woohoo!! living alone

9. No Need For Privacy
Gone are the days of having to wait in line to perform your bathroom duties. Showers can be an hour long, without having someone banging on your door to hurry up. The only worry is to be careful that the water does not run out. And you don’t even have to shut the door.living alone

10. Movie Night
Now, if you, like me, enjoy an occasional horror flick, you might want to watch it during the day. Avoid watching it right before bed, as this can lead to a somewhat sleepless night. And the slightest sound, rustle of the wind, will have you jumping around, looking for that cricket bat you hope your brother left behind when he visited. Horror movies are great, but followed by strange noises in the night? No, thank you—I’ll  stick to comedies instead.living alone

11. Family
Ultimately, living alone makes you appreciate your family much more and the desire to strangle them slowly subsides. Your love for them just increases to the point where you think about moving back in. However, nothing can beat the joy of freedom and the sense of being a grown up that comes with all that responsibility. living alone


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