Shhh! 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Man

How often have you accidentally said something seemingly innocent which has led to a huge fight with your man? The answer will probably be in double digits. While we believe it is necessary to be open to your man, there are times when you really need to shut up. Here are 10 things you should NEVER tell him.

10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Man

1. “Your mom is annoying.”
ALL men are secretly momma’s boys and you really don’t want to mess with that. Even if he is bitching about his mother, don’t add to the conversation. Remember, ladies, mum’s the word!

2. “My friends/family thinks I can do better than you.”
Your family and friends might think that he isn’t good enough, but you do. Then why make him feel bad? We’re sure he’ll win over them eventually.

3. “I don’t know if you can afford that.”
Seriously, you’re going to question a man about his earning skills? This is the male equivalent to, “You look really fat in that dress.” Yes, avoid it.

4. “Generally, I don’t fall for guys like you.”
If you’re on your first or second date, this statement may not be that bad. But if you are in a relationship with him, this can cause some serious insecurity or he might think he’s your temporary rebound.

5. “You should stop hanging out with your loser friends.”
Imagine if he said the same thing to you? His friends may not be the best company for you, but he enjoys with them. As long as it is in moderation, it is all right.

6. “Do you think she’s hotter than me?”
Here’s a bit of news, ladies—men do notice other hot women. They are wired that way. Asking this only shows your insecurity and vulnerability. If she was better than you, he wouldn’t be with you.

7. “This guy at work/college/party is so totally hot.”
If he’s allowed to check out hot women, so are you. But you really don’t want to rub it in his face; this will only spark his jealousy and make him uncomfortable around your guy friends.

8. My ex always did this in bed
Bringing your ex in any situation is usually a bad idea, especially in bed! Men take sex way more seriously than women do. If you do want him to do something, tell him gently and never get your ex!

9. “I cheated on my ex.”
If you do it once, you can do it again—that’s what men think, sadly. It is alright to have an open conversation, but try to keep this under wraps.

10. “You would know if you loved me more.”
Girl, he is not a mind reader. How can he understand everything you think or want when you don’t tell him? And that’s definitely not one of the signs of love. This will only make him feel insecure and angry.

Are there any other things we ladies should keep mum about? Let us know in the comments section.

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