10 Things Your Hairstylist Is Thinking But Won’t Tell You

The next time you’re in that swivel chair, here are a few things your hairstylist is thinking but won’t tell you. Don’t forget to tip them well for being polite enough to keep these to themselves.


1. Don’t expect your hair to look great if you don’t get off your behind and work on it
Nobody is born with perfect hair. Everyone has different issues when it comes to their hair woes. It’s all about the work you put in and how well you look after it rather than the effort you’re stylist puts in.

2. I can give you Priyanka Chopra’s haircut but can’t make you look like her.
A hairstylist can change your hair but not your face after all. As much as we all would love to look like a movie star, we can’t afford the expensive team of professionals who are responsible for making them look like that.

3. Forget those hair fantasies
Have real expectations. Don’t expect your hair to look like it would after 40 minutes of styling when you only put in 5.

4. See a therapist instead
Your hairdresser isn’t interested in hearing details about your personal life as you vent about a demanding boss or a cheating ex-boyfriend. Their job is to make your hair look beautiful. Instead, book yourself an appointment with someone who is paid to listen your problems.

5. I ain’t no magician
Don’t expect your stylist to wave her wand for your hair to look automatically fab at all times. Styling is key to making any cut look beautician not a magiciangood. Follow their advice on how to properly style your new look.

6. No such thing as a “wash and go” hairstyle
How many times have you asked for a hairstyle that you could just wash and run out of the house? I know I have! I know you secretly hate that girl with perfect hair who could do that but the truth is that she’s probably experimented with the right shampoo and products and gets her hair cut regularly.

7. If  you’re not willing to use hair products, don’t expect your hair to look like you have
Products are awesome and not only help smoothen and style your hair but also control frizz, bring shine and add to the general upkeep of your locks.

8. Trims won’t make your hair grow faster
Your hair will grow but it won’t look as good while growing out. Trims help keep it healthy and don’t let it go out of shape while preserving your length.

9. You don’t have to buy that entire range of expensive products at the salon
There’s no need to splurge on high-end shampoos, conditioners and products. What you should do is combine expensive and cheaper products. It’s not necessary to use the same brand of conditioner, serum, etc.

10.Live with the disasters of doing your own hair
So many people think they possess a natural talent for hairdressing and decide to chop their own fringe. Some buy a bottle of colour to do at home. If you want to save a buck by doing such things then learn to live with the devastating consequences.


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