This 15th August, Do It Differently at Palladium

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Independence Day has always been about patriotic songs, films and programs on television, and if you live in a society like mine, every Independence Day is lined up with the same set of activities —  singing the national anthem, hoisting the flag and distributing brooch size flags to everyone to pin to their Indian outfits. This time, why not do something different?

A special video art installation, film screenings based on Gandhi, including Gandhi: An Emerging Reality and A Vision of Independent India and an art competition are some of the exciting things you can do this year, at Palladium.

The highlight of the event is the video art installation Raise Your Hands Those Who Have Touched Him by a well-known artist, Gigi Scaria. It captures the environment of terror and violence in which we live and connects it to our past.

The importance of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination is the main focus. Gandhi’s death was a great shock for all. The artist says, “This video work is an attempt to trace those people who have met or seen Gandhi in their life time. This piece of work is a testimony, a material evidence of a contemporary world taken over by ‘historical amnesia’.”

Since this event revolves round freedom,  kids can also participate in an art competition and win prizes, and also get their art work displayed for everyone to see.

- Sonia Khudanpur


Please note: The art competition will only be on the 13th, while the video art work and the films (1-8pm on all days) will continue in the mall till 15th August.

Palladium Mall, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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