This Fat Cat Keeps the Delicious Fish For You

When I first entered Fat Cat Kitchen & Bar (previously known as Fat Cat Cafe), I didn’t know what I was heading for. To my surprise, everything was amazing! Right from food to service, ambience to music, Fat Cat seems to have got it all right. Getting to the point, I’d visited Fat Cat Kitchen for their Sunday Brunch, which for the most part was absolutely amazing.

Every person who visits Fat Cat is welcomed with a drink – Virgin Sangria. This is a signature drink, and is amazingly tasty.

The Sunday Brunch is a 5 course meal, so I decided to take it step by step. The first course, The Salad Bar didn’t really excite me. It looked more like ingredients for a subway sandwich. Apart from the bread basket, nothing was tempting enough so I decided to skip it. Next on the menu was Velvety Pepper Soup. I cannot explain how delicious this hot orange color soup was. You can get it in both veg and non-veg options(chicken and seafood). I loved it! It was divine. So, now I was looking forward to the rest.

Appetizers consisted of Sambal Spiced Grilled Cottage Cheese with Hoisin Sauce (Panner), Mushroom and Walnut Pate on Crispy Melba, Sweet Basil and Jalapeno Spiced Chicken and Crispy Pesto Prawns. The food was served attractively. The best were the prawns followed by the chicken, then the paneer and mushroom at the end. Somehow my palate felt the mushroom paste a bit harsh. As the music grew more melodious with the speakers echoing voices of Bryan Adams, Celine Deon, Michael Jackson and other popular artistes, the final appetizer – the Four Square Pizza – reached our table. Again, you can choose from veg, non-veg or both. So, the pizza we ordered had prawns, chicken, mushroom and corn. The crust is thin, and the sauce was perfect.

Now, time for the fourth course! There were 5 dishes at the buffet table. Teriyaki Grilled Chicken, Pan Seared Chilli Mustard Rawas, Basil Rice, Fat Cat Red curry and Creamy Spinach Penne. All extremely delicious and flavourful! I served myself a small quantity of each because I still had to have Desserts. For Dessert, you can look forward to Tiramisu, Fruit Cake and some Chocolate Mousse. A little of everything is a perfect end to the brunch.

While cocktails are not included I tried the the Good Old Sangria that was very fresh and the Long Bull, a mix of vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, blueberry, lime and red bull.

On the whole, the restaurant is very welcoming and serves delectable seafood. Another important aspect about this dimly lit restaurant is the book shelf that stacks books related to food as well as other genres.

The Sunday Brunch is priced at Rs. 599 plus taxes not including alcohol.  Cocktails are priced around Rs. 200.

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