Three Fail Safe Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Okay, none of us are experts in dressing up for Valentine’s Day; after all it comes only once a year. Many people aren’t celebrating anyway, but what about the rest of us who wish to go out looking pretty on 14th February? How do we make sure we don’t end up committing a fashion faux pas? Don’t you fret, as we bring to you three fail safe outfit ideas that will make you look your charming best.

1)      Ladylike Midi Skirt

Skirt: $ 20.99, Top: $24.59, Bag: Rs. 1600, Shoes: Rs. 3000

You want to be treated like a lady by your chivalrous guy this Valentine’s Day, so why not accentuate your womanliness in a voluminous midi skirt? Pair it with an off shoulder top and let your bags and shoes match the color of your skirt, in this case, red.

2)      Maxi Dress


Maxi Dress: Rs. 3000, Heels: Rs. 3911, Earrings: Rs. 550, Clutch: Rs. 944

If you don’t wish to go all red and still give your cute date a hint that you are very much into him, go tangerine. Look sassy in an orange maxi dress and indulge your feet in gold high heels. A nude clutch and tangy earrings and you are ready to step up the love zone.

3)      Pink Dress


Pink Dress: Rs. 1499, Heels: Rs. 3911, Necklace: Rs. 899, Clutch: Rs. 1,007, Bracelet: Rs. 331

Do you prefer looking pretty over sexy? Or maybe you want to test this guy before you go red with him? Or maybe you will just be spending your time with your girlies this year. Then don’t hesitate to go pink. Ultra-feminine and bright, add a yellow necklace and you will look like the pink sky during a mesmerizing sunset.

Will you be romantic in red, sassy in orange or pretty in pink? Wear your color with a smile and you are bound to look your enchanting best.

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