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3 (1)Fancy restaurants have their place in the sun but only a few things can beat the comfort of a good home cooked meal. Just because you are a corporate slave does not mean that should sacrifice the luxury of a warm healthy meal that resembles ghar ka khaana. We list some interesting tiffin delivery services in Mumbai that will help you look forward to your lunch break.

Organza Organic

Organza Organic Tiffin

Organza Organic Tiffin

Organza Foods is a tiffin delivery service in Mumbai that serves home style, Indian food that they guarantee is 100% organic. The meals are freshly prepared with minimal oil, salt and do not use any processed ingredients or sugar in the recipes. With a kitchen located in Chembur, they rely on the efficient Dabbawalas for logistics and deliver from Churchgate to Andheri and C.S.T. to Vikhroli at a fixed charge. Delivery to areas outside of this coverage costs slightly higher. Their customized meal plans start at Rs. 120 per day and is made up of rotis, one rice, salad, vegetable, lentil dish each.

Contact: 9833911263 or email

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With an option of Indian and International veg and non veg options as well as a special Jain and diabetic meal plans, Foodizm is an impressive tiffin service endorsed by a handful of celebrities. With healthy-chic meals consisting of everything from ratatouille to hakka noodles and mushroom risotto one can never be bored of their daily dubba. All their meals are delivered in sealed, microwaveable trays and start at Rs. 169 for Veg and 199 for Non Veg.

Contact : 022 6060 0201 / 0204 or email

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Yummy Tiffins

If you are a corporate slave, routine in any form will piss you off. So don’t make your lunch a monotonous routine too. Unlike many dabba services, Yummy Tiffins lets you personalize your daily menu and decide what you want to eat a day in advance.

The all-vegetarian delivery service includes dishes like Sambasadam rice, Sindhi Sai bhaji , cheese paneer,tomato, lettuce mint sandwich with a choice of multi-grain rotis, makkis and fun condiments.

Contact: 9820223338 Or email

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Green Veggies

Green Veggies is an economical tiffin delivery service that delivers healthy home-style vegetarian food to office goers in the western suburbs of Mumbai. The average cost of a meal, depending on the size you choose ranges from Rs. 65 t0 Rs.130. Every meal includes a healthy vegetable preparation coupled with chappatis, rice and dal.

Contact: 9987777556 or email

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SpiceBox provides homely food across Mumbai in both vegetarian and non vegetarian option and promise not to repeat a dish for an entire month. Their meal plans start at a reasonable Rs. 70 for veg and Rs. 80 for non-veg and you can opt for half–monthly or a monthly plan. You can also decide the weekly number of days you want yummy food delivered to you. i.e Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday. SpiceBox delivers all their food to you in microwave safe boxes which are hygienic and eco-friendly.

Contact: 9819800305



Soul Care

If you are someone who counts the number of calories in a meal before you eat it, Soul Care is your ideal tiffin delivery service. With pure veg food prepared in the most minimum salt, oil and spices, each meal contains a healthy 450-700 calories. Soul Care also conducts regular Yoga classes for corporate clients to burn off all that you eat.

Contact: 02225574992 Mob: +919167206231 / 32 or email

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Calorie Care

Another calorie counter based tiffin service. Calorie Care delivers healthy meals through the day. You may choose between breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid-meal snacks or a combination of them.

Low-calorie (450 calories), Medium-calorie (550 calories) and High-calorie (650 calories) are the three sizes available with cuisine options like South Indian Vegetarian, Rest of India Vegetarian and Egg-based for breakfasts. Veg and Non-Veg Indian as well as International options for lunch and dinner. You can also match these cuisine options for different days of the week. Special diets that are low in sugar and low in salt are also available. The meals are packaged in disposable microwaveable trays and are delivered to you by Mumbai’s Dubbawalas as well as in-house delivery staff.

Contact : 022-2412 2100

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Feast in a tray

1079018_409482455828997_674481696_oFor those who are always on the go, Feast in a tray offers fresh, healthy meals that are low on cholesterol but high on taste, fibre and essential nutrients. Choose from options between Oriental, Continental and Indian cuisines. All meals come in microwavable trays that travel surprisingly well. They also  offer Jain trays and options for night deliveries between 7 pm and 7 am.

Contact: 8108 304 304

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Vegan Bites

Vegans in the city in need of delicious packed lunch needn’t fret anymore. Vegan bites serves wholesome and fresh plant-based meals delivered to your doorstep everyday.The food is hygienically prepared with techniques to preserve the maximum nutrition and is delivered across the city with the help of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas. The catering menu comprises of our wide range of Indian and International dishes. Monthly charges are Rs. 4,200 and you can opt for their 10 meal trial at Rs. 2,700

Contact : 076 66586430 or email

So if you are still wondering ‘Kal khaane mein kya hai’, try any of these tiffin delivery services and watch yourself anticipate your next lunch break. Don’t forget to share your review with us.

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