Time Saverz To The Rescue

When we got to know about this particular service, we could instantly picture you with a grin on your face, dreaming about your life getting easier with mundane tasks getting ticked off the to-do-list and you being generally at peace with the extra time on your hands.
So, without further ado, we give you, Time Saverz. Time Saverz is a whole bunch of services within itself and as the name suggests, it focuses on doing everything it can to save your time. It has a host of services under it, such as laundry, air conditioner servicing, yoga training, cake baking, baby sitting, event planning and many more. To start with, you either need to be a service sampler or an agent looking to do these services for someone. If you are looking to avail of any of their services, firstly, register yourself for free, choose a service and fill the form that comes along with it. Specify your location along with the dates of your choosing.  Yeah, it’s that simple!
A perfect little thing for working parents, new moms, NRIs and workaholics, who are strapped for time, Time Saverz sounds like a hero, swooshing in through a window, with a cape flying at its back, ready to save the day for you, no? Well, it does more. Time Saverz also has an in-house store that houses essentials such as groceries, drinks, beverages, stationery, personal care products and more. Thrilled? Don’t be, there’s more! Time Saverz also clocks in the amount of minutes you save with every service that you avail of. Once you finish banking 1000 or more minutes into your account you can redeem these against a spa voucher, restaurant passes, movie tickets, music concert passes, adventure/sports activities, health checkups and even weekend getaways. You can now proceed to scream out loud and jump up and down in joy.
That said and done, here’s how you can contact them. Visit their website by clicking here. You can call them on 9022711888 from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. You can also email them at contact@timesaverz.com.
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