7 Timeless Makeup Looks We Adore

From two-toned lipstick to purple eyeshadow and coloured eyeliner, we’ve tried all the latest beauty trends. But there are a few styles that are like the Audrey Hepburn of the makeup world—timeless and always gorgeous. Here are a few looks that will never go out of fashion.

1. Cat Eyeliner
A small flick always makes your pretty eyes stand out, so we know that cat eyeliner will always work. Our favourite celebs Rihanna and Deepika Padukone swear by this style of eye makeup.

Pro tip: The cat eyeliner is extremely versatile. Wear it with a nude shade to brighten up your face, or with a bright eyeshadow to create statement eye makeup. We’re sure you can never really go wrong with it.

timeless makeup looks
2. Smokey Eyes
Dramatic eyes have worked for many women in the past, especially those who are trying to look mysterious. Our prediction—this one will never let you down. Jennifer Lopez and Sonam Kapoor carry off the diva look so well.

Pro tip: Try the smokey eyes with an exaggerated winged eyeliner for an evening look and a blunt-end liner with colour for a brush style.

timeless makeup looks
3. Rosy Cheeks
Blush on the cheeks makes you look happy and feminine. It works wonderfully for the girly Jennifer Aniston and tones down Kareena Kapoor Khan’s strong jawline.

Pro tip: While reds and pinks are classic favourites, you can experiment with peaches, orange, bronze and light browns. Try different styles of contouring and shaping the face using the blush and shimmer powder.

timeless makeup looks
4. Bright Lipstick
A pop of colour never harmed anyone, and we’re sure bright reds, pinks and oranges on your lips will only enhance your pout. From Elizabeth Taylor’s sultry pout to Taylor Swift’s peachy lips, this style is here to stay.

Pro tip: Follow the makeup rules and tone down your eye makeup when using a bright lipstick. Use a lip liner to ensure that your lipstick does not spread out of your lips.


timeless makeup looks

5. Nude Lips
While we love bright pouts, nude shades are ideal for the day or when your eyes steal all the attention. This natural shade will help your carry off almost any look. Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian swear by it.

Pro tip: Nude lips work in bright sunlight or artificial photography light. But pick a colour that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and has a mild pink or red tinge, else your face will look flat.

timeless makeup looks
6. Mascara
Get the dreamy, batting eyelids that have made many a man’s heads turn. Take a cue from Marilyn Monroe to understand how to wear this timeless style.

Pro tip: Black is the usual pick for mascara, but if you have long lashes or want to go for casual makeup, transparent mascara can work wonders.

timeless makeup looks7. Au Naturel
If you’re always in a rush to attend an important work meeting or simply go for the sober look, natural makeup will be your best friend—just like it has been for countless women over the years. Our dressed-down celebrities have perfected this effortlessly beautiful style.

Pro tip: This makeup looks easy and quick, but without the right kind of foundation and primer it can go for a toss. Pick a cream-based foundation and use a skin colour shimmer powder for a casual yet gorgeous look.

timeless makeup looks
Do you know any more timeless makeup looks? Write to us in the comments section.

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Image courtesy: www.vogue.co.uk, www.dailymakeover.com, www.thedistillerist.com

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