5 Lessons In Timeless Style From The Ultimate Fashion Icons

Fashion fades, style is eternal. We’ve heard this a million times before, but what does timeless style mean in a world of selfies and hashtags? It’s impossible to keep on top of things if you’re living in a bubble of your own, isn’t it? Not at all!

This can probably be your saving mantra if you go about it smartly. Whether it’s ensuring your designer purchase is a sartorial investment instead of a fleeting mistake or finding a way to carry your end- of- season- sale goodies into the next few seasons, these lessons from timeless icons will help your fashion stay stylish forever.

1. Audrey Hepburn
You knew she was going to be on this list—and for good reason, too. It’s impossible to ignore the importance of simplicity, whether it’s minimal accessories, a simple red lipstick, sensible footwear or flattering dresses. Her style says don’t ever let anything you wear steal the limelight from you. Zooey Deschanel has updated her style and carries it effortlessly.

Fashion Icons, Timeless Style, Audrey Hepburn, Zooey DeschanelAudrey Hepburn & Zooey Deschanel

2. Maharani Gayatri Devi
Before Bollywood embraced the sari, updating it with bikini blouses and low slung waists, the royal lady of Jaipur was its biggest advocate. With gracefully draped airy chiffons, she wore her heritage on her sleeve while she not only rubbed shoulders with but also inspired many a colonial dame. A string of pearls and delicate diamonds were all she used to punctuate her statement style. After a slew of fashion disasters, Vidya Balan has finally lost weight and found her footing, carrying off saris and simplicity beautifully.

Fashion Icons, Timeless Style, Maharani GayatriDevi, Vidya Balan, SareeMaharani Gayatri Devi & Vidya Balan

3. Diana Ross
Unabashedly glamorous, the lean, leggy and dusky diva of music brought her unmissable brand of big to everything—hair, jewels, et al. She was anything but apologetic when it came to letting it all out, sparkles included—and big props to her for that. Flowing gowns, large sleeves, figure flaunting cuts—she wore them all. As much as Rihanna claims her style icon is Princess Diana, we all know she’s got an inner Diana Ross style that she brings to contemporary fashion pretty well.

Fashion Icons, Timeless Style, Diana Ross, RihannaDiana Ross & Rihanna

4. Bettie Page
The original pin-up girl oozed sass from a fairly young age. Whether it was accepting and being proud of her full figure or being comfortable in any amount of clothing, this fringed fashionista always tottered on the edge but was never distasteful. If not for her stockings, heels and leopard prints, one’s got to love her for her fit (not skinny) body image. Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese best does the updated version, claiming a dress is so much easier to put on than separates.

Fashion Icons, Timeless Style, Betty Page, Dita Von TeeseBettie Page & Dita Von Teese

5. Madonna
The iconic pop musician has not only managed to remain a star all these years, but also stay in the news for her wardrobe. The true fashion chameleon has changed so many looks over the years—from blonde to brunette, through rock, pop, grunge and girl—that she really pushes us to live by the ‘you only live once’ mantra. Right now, Lady Gaga probably comes closest to representing Madonna’s wild ways from her heydays.

Fashion Icons, Timeless Style, Madonna, Lady GagaMadonna & Lady Gaga

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