Get his Eyes Glued on You: Tips to Dress for a Blind Date

You probably bonded over a news story on Twitter or your BFF decided that you guys were just right for each other. Either ways, you’re finally meeting this mystery man for a blind date and you may be looking for some interesting company or to find your soul mate!

Tips to Dress for a blind date

However, the eternal question stays. What to wear? You may not know him well or his favourite shade, hence, figuring out the ideal outfit may be tough. You may dress for a blind date without making a total fashion faux pas, by being safe and neutral. But, that may be boring so we give you essential tips to dress for a blind date without being drab or overdressed.

Look 1: Fancy Night Out

For night outs your first option would be the LBD. However, break the monotony and try something funky, dressy, yet sober and classy.

Look 2: Flirty and Fun

If you are planning to meet this man for a movie and drinks or an interesting brunch, then opt for something feminine and flirty. He is sure to look at you more than the movie screen!

Look 3: Casual Conversations

Opt for a relaxed yet trendy attire when going  to see him at a cafe. You may team it with a casual jacket, and if he seems interesting, you may always show off your lovely back *wink, wink*.

Let us know what you’re going to wear for your blind date.

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