Quick Makeup Tips to get that Tanned Look

Fresh-as-a-dew skin we like, but does it make you look ravishing? Nope! So here are the tricks of the trade for all you fair ladies. Get stunning with a tanned look without of course spending hours sunbathing! We are calling it The Making of a Bronze Goddess.

Jennifer Lopez Is A True Brazen Beauty

Jennifer Lopez Is A True Brazen Beauty

The best way to grab attention with your brazen look is by doing up your eyes first. Get striking bronzed eyes by following these simple steps:

Apply primer on your lids, which will be the glue of your make-up.
Then, apply a matt skin toned shadow on your brow bone to make it easier to blend and a shimmery version of this by the tear duct to create an illusion of slightly bigger eyes.
Use an exquisite gold-bronzey eye shadow and apply it to about 2-3rds of the brow bone.
To make the effect more dramatic, use a matt dark brown eye-shadow on the remaining bone and blend it in.
Primp beneath your lower lash using the same shadow.
Depending on your coloring, use a black or brown mascara, kohl, eye-liner, and what else have you.

After the eyes, turn your attention to the rest your face, but since highlighting a feature is a priority, the rest isn’t rocket science.
Use a light bronze matt blusher on your cheekbones proceeding towards your temples and a glossy or a matt lip color for your lips and you are good to go!

Bronze makeup

Spend minutes following our tips and we promise you’ll look like JLo back from a vacation.


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