Tips to Pick Up The Perfect Handbag and Tricks to Keep it Shiny and New

Ever wondered what you should be thinking about when considering if you should splurge on that new handbag? We’ve brought you a few quick pointers before you hand the cash in and take the handbag out!

A quintessential handbag must be made of a material of the most superior quality, which is durable and pampers your touch and feel senses. Pay attention to the material, color, size, texture, shape, glam-factor and think of occasion you can carry it!

  1. If leather is your first choice, make sure it’s soft and supple and the texture feels closest to your skin. The skin must be naturally dyed and with no irregularities.
  2. The stitching of the bag should be consistent and have no loose ends. Handles and straps should be made of leather on both inner and outer sides.
  3. The handles should be reinforced with rivets or interlinings, so the durability is maintained without losing their suppleness.
  4. Metal ware should be of good quality and all of the same shade, well-finished with a smooth and shiny surface. Metal zippers give a better finish and look than the plastic ones. Brass is ideal for zipper pulls, rings and snaps.
  5. The bag lining should be either cotton or synthetic and should either be distinct or match the colour of the bag.
  6. The bag should hold its shape when loaded with things and when placed down, ready to be carried.

“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit”

Additionally, some tips to take care of your handbag:

  1. Leather wears off with time, and if its natural dyed leather it gets suppler with more usage. If used once in a while, then it needs to be buffed with a soft fabric from time to time to avoid it from looking dull and dead.
  2. For bags on the inexpensive side the paint begins to peel off and rubbing this with a non-perfumed skin cream would just set it right.
  3. If the leather or the metal ware gets dirty, wipe it clean with a soft fabric dipped in mild shampoo and then polish it with a damp cloth.
  4. Leather is highly affected by heat, so keep it away from the sun.
Five shops / brands we recommend for cool handbag, purses and clutches in Mumbai are:
1. Pop Goes The Art
2. Rachana Reddy
3. Princesse K
4. Crimzon
5. Hidesign
- Guest blogger Tanvi Gupta
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