To New Friendships, Not Fraandships

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner. Sometimes I feel like my only friend, is the city I live in…” Does it feel like the Red Hot Chili Peppers are specifically crooning for you? Well, worry not. If you are new in Mumbai and have only still heard and never met an awesome set of people who call it their home, Covalence will help you sample the delights that our Maximum City has to offer.
No, we are not introducing you to chemistry, but a networking site that launched in December 2012, which for the most part has remained underground. Point to be noted is that Covalence is neither a dating website nor a professional networking one. It is meant to connect you to people who love the din of conversations and the hum of anticipation as you try and experience something new, something different. Registration on the website is free and you need to wait as they will screen your application before inviting you to an event. The mingling sessions along with an adventure will happen every month in an undisclosed location. Entry is by invitation only and there will be a guest list printed on the door. The only rules to be followed are that you come without a plus one, all by yourself and that you belong to the age group of 25 to 35 years. Also, they will always maintain a 1:1 ratio as far as the genders are concerned. One of the founders, Neha Majithia tells us that they have already received more than a 1,000 applications and have already held close to 10 events that were a resounding success. People had a great time with the bouncers proving to be superflous! So, put your trust issues to rest and come on over!
You can register yourself on their website by clicking here. For more information, you can contact Neha on 9820412511 ot email them at
Till then, shed your inhibitions and proceed to have a good ol’ gala time in an unconventional setting, no strings attached!
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