Top 5 Beauty Trends from Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014

International runways are abuzz with fashion week as designers, fashionistas and celebs sport the latest trends. This week we bring you beauty tips that you may try straight from the fashion capital of the world – Paris!

Try these 5 styles seen at the Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014:

Coloured Eye Shadow
Whether it was Dior, Givenchy or Chloe, one thing that ruled the runway was coloured eye shadow. From glitter, to sombre under eye shadow and more, you must definitely try this at home.

Bold Black Liner
We love wearing coloured eyeliner for Spring- Summer. However, for the latter half of the year you may stick to plain, matte black one. If you find it boring, try these bold and innovative designs for your eyes.

Coloured Eye Shadow Trends - Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014
Bushy Eyebrows
Hmm, this one is a bit tricky. We are used to a typical eyebrow shape since we were teens. Now, it’s time to change the look and get Frida-esque.

Bushy Eyebrows - Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014 Trends

Tip: Grow out your eyebrows a bit and pluck them instead of threading or waxing.

Low Ponytail
Yes, we have this hairdo while running to work or on a lazy day. Well, now you may do the same low ponytail and look high fashion. Try using hair accessories and hair products to pull-off a messy ponytail.

Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014
Sleek Matte Hair
Wet hair was seen at New York, London and Milan Fashion week. Paris being fashionistas favourite city brings a slight twist with sleek wet hair that has a matte look.

 Sleek Matte Hair Trend - Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014

Would you try this? Tell us in the comment section.

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