Travelling Solo? Follow These Handy Tips

Travelling Alone As A WomanTravelling alone is an experience like no other. With summer holidays around the corner and the movie Queen still fresh in our minds, it might be the right time to book your solo vacation. Many travel companies such as Girls on the Go Club offer solo women travellers the chance to go with similarly inclined groups, all the while taking care of all their needs. But if going it alone is what you want, make sure you keep our handy tips in mind when on the road.

Pick the right place to go to

You might be a super adventurous soul, but it’s always advisable to avoid controversial or riot/war-torn countries when you’re on holiday. If you must, make sure to read up on their customs and don’t commit cultural hara-kiri. It is advisable to put up questions on online forums, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Research the place thoroughly

Talk to people, go online, visit travel agents… do whatever you can to glean the maximum information about it. Check out what the weather is like during your visit, what the tourist season is, the best places to explore and so on. You don’t want any bad surprises while you are there.

Check the transport facilities

Whether you travel internationally or domestic, make sure you know how you’re getting from one place to another or travelling internally. Download road maps, get subway and bus routes and get plane timings.

Always check travelling facilities while going alone

Book the right hotel

Avoid going for cheap motels in questionable areas when you’re travelling alone. Tripadvisor is a great place to hunt for hotel recommendations and reviews. Many hotels (such as Mumbai’s ITC Maratha, London’s Dukes St. James and Washignton, DC’s Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel) offer additional facilities for solo women travellers. Make sure you book your stay there in advance.

Download some cool travel apps

Want to track your flight schedule? Want to book taxi service? Need currency conversions? All these and more issues can be sorted by downloading travel apps on your smartphone. TimeOut has a list of great ones to get when you travel.

Arrive in the daytime

Avoid landing in a new city by yourself at night. Instead, choose a flight or train that takes you there in the day so you have some time to figure your way out.

Avoid arriving at a destination during night

Trust your gut instincts

Follow your instincts, especially when you’re travelling to an unfamiliar place. Avoid deserted routes, overfriendly locals and too-empty bars and restaurants. Your body always gives you a warning against bad choices; all you need to do is listen.

Keep your documents safe

Make sure you place your passport along with any important documents, expensive jewellery and cash in the lockers provided by your hotel. Carry photocopies on your person.

Carry some food with you

This is helpful especially if you have any dietary restrictions. While you must try the local cuisine, it’s advisable to carry some food on you in case you can’t get on board with it.

Pack smart

Carry minimal luggage as you will be managing it all by yourself. It’s easier to travel light than take multiple bags along and keep track of all of them.

Pack Smartly and carry minimum luggage


All set to hop off? Bon Voyage and do share your experiences with us.

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