Trek To The Top Of Sagargad Waterfall

The trek to Sagargad is one of the most looked forward to from Jungle Lore’s monsoon calendar. The trip involves a trek to the top of the hill where a fort is located via a route which staggers along the rocks and large flowing waterfall to rest with a view of a lush green valley and the famous Vanar Tok at the summit.

The trip will begin with the departure by bus from Swami Narayan Mandir at Dadar railway station. Breakfast will be served upon arrival at the Khandala village which is the base of the hill. The trek then begins along a rocky and treacherous path amid the dense jungle but offers excellent views of the valley and its scenic green vegetation. The waterfall is one of the stand out features of the trek, especially since the monsoon will see a fierce flow of water. A full course lunch will be served on reaching the summit. The summit also has the famous Vanar Tok, a small stretch of rock which juts out from the cliff like an extended thumb. The trek ends after descending back to Khandala village from where the bus will bring you back to Mumbai to complete the trip.

The cost for the trip is Rs. 1,400 per person which is inclusive of travel by chartered bus, breakfast, lunch, evening refreshments and expertise charges.

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