Trend Alert: Coloured Eyeliner

Guess what fashionistas of Hollywood are now sporting? Colour splashed eyes! Nah, we’re not talking about a spooky, Halloween theme. We are referring to coloured eyeliner.

Batting eyelids with a hint of hue was big in the early 2000s, but now it is back to steal the fluttering hearts. Casual outings, on the red carpet, on-screen are a few spaces where you may find the Hollywood hotties wearing the lovely shades with matte pouts. Check out how you may join this bandwagon.


If you’re not sure of handling too much brightness for your eyes, then you may try brown and grey. These shades look subtle as well as bring out your eyes in a unique way. Try interesting ways to wear these shades.

Coloured Eyeliner


Want to get in on the trend? Try a range of different colours like teal, olive green, parrot green, navy, royal blue, purple and more. However, try the warm colour scheme that includes neon pink, orange and yellow at your own risk, as these may not suit the Indian skin.

Coloured Eyeliner


Your apparel has it, shoes have it, accessories have it then why not make up? Try all of the blue-based shades as well as the basic ones with a bit of metallic touch. Mix them well with overall makeup essentials. This will make your face look instantly glam and gorgeous.

Coloured Eyeliner

If you are feeling slightly adventurous, you may even try wearing the coloured liner by blending with the black one. However, this needs serious make up skills.

One thing you must never do with these liners is mix them with coloured eye shadows. You may end up looking like one of the witches of the Harry Potter movies (read Bellatrix Lestrange), and we don’t mean the good kind.

Use these tips and to sport a unique look this party season.

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