Trend Tracker Spring 2014: Floral + Tea Lengths

Spring is the time of mirth, colours and flowers, and this season’s fashion trend follows the same. Runways across the globe have seen botanical prints with bright colours. Along with this, another trend that’s so in is the tea length skirts and dresses. Metallic Mermaid and Minty Pastels have been one of the dominant styles for spring, now you may add these two to the list. Learn how to wear them for Indian streets.


Floral Prints and Motifs + Tea Length Bottoms

Spring Trends 2014

Tea length is what we commonly call, three quarter length. We have all had skirts, dresses that we wore in the 90s of this length. And now, it is back with a bang. Skirts and dresses reaching the calves showing those delicate ankles, is the trend of the season. Team these with simple or large floral and botanical prints, bright colours and you’re ready to be on the runway!

Celebrity Style Spotting

Nicole Kidman looks timeless in this adorable, chic floral dress that reaches just her calves. She was spotted in this Chanel cruise 2014 dress for the latest Cannes film festival.

Spring Trends 2014

How to Wear

Floral prints are rather easy to find and wear. Try it on dresses, skirts, tops, tees and even bottoms. Tea length on the other hand may not be found easily as it is a fresh, new style. An easy DIY for tea length would be to alter your maxi skirts and dresses.


One Shoulder Dress: Rs.1299, Striped Dress: Rs.1199, Floral Dress: Rs.999

Spring Trend 2014

Ethnic Skirt:Rs.1196, Animal Farm Skirt: Rs.2850 , Striped Skirt: Rs.899

A great way to wear floral would be with accessories, whether it is a statement neck piece or tantalizing charm bracelet and earrings.

Spring Trend 2014

Floral Necklace: Rs.899, Lotus Charms: Rs. 1850, Earrings: Rs.900

Getting bags, and trendy scarves to enhance your style quotient, would be a great way to wear the spring trend.

Spring Trend 2014

Floral Sling: Rs.2350, Scarf: Rs.650, Tote: Rs.2850.

Why leave out shoes in your spring shopping? Try these trendy floral footwear.

Spring Trend 2014

Purple Floral Ballerina: Rs.999, Blue Heels: Rs.4499, Pink Ballerina: Rs.999

How would you wear this trend? Write to us @get_inonit and @stereowrite.

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