Trends To Leave Behind in 2013

With a whole new year dawning on us, comes fresh new prospective trends. Before you set out on a new-year-wardrobe-shopping-spree, clear out your closet by ditching some done-to-death trends. There are some styles we saw too much of this year but won’t be around come 2014. We give you a heads-up of the trends to leave behind in 2013 to make way for fabulous new fashion.


Sexy peplum not only added a new term to our fashion vocabulary but also created a flattering silhouette for most body shapes. We quite adored the trend till every single girl got obsessed with it and you started seeing it everywhere. The charm of it has worn off and it won’t be around for much longer. The good news is, if you still like this trend, you can look forward to other lady-like ruffles on the style circuit.


High-low Hems

Those dresses, skirts and tops that are short in the front and longer at the back are touted to go out of fashion unfortunately. I think this trend is pretty sexy and don’t think we need to stop wearing it completely. A slight slant or a high-low that is not too exaggerated will work just fine so don’t worry if you’re attached to this trend.

high low

Heel Less Shoes

You’ve seen them on celebrities, in countless stores and on the Lady Gagas of the world, but thank God these gravity-defying shoes are finally going to be a thing of the past. We’d really like to forget this insane type of footwear that is also a health hazard. What’s the point of heels without the actual heel?!

Heel less shoes

Loud Pants

Those ultra flashy printed pants and Aztec and other graphic printed leggings are soon to be a thing of the past. Also, colourful denims in really bright colours like pink and orange are also  not very hot for the coming seasons. Denims are very much on-trend for the coming year so you don’t need to let go of all your coloured pants. Indigos and cobalts are a good way to still hold on to this trend.

graphic leggings

Too Many Spikes

Spikes and studs had quite a moment this past year and we really grew to like this edgy trend till super spikey studs started covering everything in sight from jackets, bags and dresses to even mobile covers. These OTT spikes are super passé now. Studs and spikes are still cool in moderation so don’t let your rebellious streak go over board with it.

Spiikes and studs

Cross Out

Religious or not, crosses became quite a popular wardrobe choice in 2013. We saw cross prints on everything from dresses and leggings to bags and accessories. We found this trend pretty strange though so we’re happy to bid adieu to it in the new year.



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