Trendy Green Striped Cardigan With Colourful Buttons Sold Out

Trendy Green Striped Cardigan With Colourful Buttons

Brand: TAB91
Price: Rs. 1899
TAB91 is Manufacturer of high class hosiery based at industrial city Ludhiana, manufacturing Woolen garments in Ladies, men s and kids segment. The main objective of the company is to stand up to the customer expectations with consistent quality backed with R&D divisions equipped with latest technology. Being the market leaders and enjoying wide spread recognition in the woolen segment, the flagship Company, Garvit Knitwear's in order to make TAB91 an all season brand and to capitalize on the brand name, entered into cotton segments. Keeping the consistent growth patterns of the brand and its growing awareness and popularity we are confident that the brand TAB91 will be a leading fashion and life style brand internationally in the coming years.

Color Green
Look Trendy