Tricks To Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe

If shopping is your thing, you’re probably all too  familiar with the same old problem- nothing to wear and no space in your wardrobe! Here are a few tips to tackle the most common issue amongst fashionistas. We help you, organize your wardrobe, save money and most importantly, have plenty of free closet space!
Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

  • Try ensuring you wear a different colour everyday. Following this rainbow pattern is a great way to ensure you make the most of the variety you have packed in your closet.
  • After you have worn a particular item, try hanging it in the corner or right at the back of your closet. This way, you are more likely to reach out for the clothes in the front which help bring variety to your style.
  • Think about what your usual style is and what you love the most. If you have a simple jeans and tee style then you can save money from buying different trends that you don’t see yourself wearing. Stick to buying basic jeans and tops, so most of your money can be spent on your love for shoes.
  • Keep a note of styles, fabrics and shapes and how they make you look and feel. You then know, not to spend money on styles that didn’t make you feel too comfortable and what fabrics to look out for that made you feel great.
  • Get out of the jeans rut. Experiment with a skirt and shorts that can be paired with the limitless amount of tops, shirts and jackets in your wardrobe.
  • Accessories are a great way to jazz up your ensemble. You can re-invent the same outfit multiple times by simply styling it differently. Statement necklaces, cocktail rings, bold scarves and bright belts are perfect to spin out new styles.
  • Whenever your itching to swipe your card at a store, think about whether that item will go with at least 3 or 4 other items sitting in your wardrobe. This ensures you get lots of wear out of your purchase.
  • While shopping, think price per wear.  It is worth the investment if you wear it often. Even clothes on sale are still a waste of money if you never wear them.
  • Finally, make sure all the clothes hanging in your closet fit you right. Nothing makes you look bigger than wearing clothes that are too small or too baggy.


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