Timeless Trousseau Essentials For Every Bride

Wedding Trousseau

Wedding Trousseau

It’s not easy being a bride. On top of all the other stress of planning an entire wedding, shopping for your trousseau can seem super over-whelming. Fret not and think of us as your fairy godmothers. Here are some tips on buying the perfect Trousseau Essentials that you can use even once the wedding gets over.

An embroidered blouse
A heavily done up blouse in luxurious fabrics with embellishments like zardosi, beadwork, stones and crystals should be your first ideal pick while putting together your trousseau, as they make you look majestic. Team it up with a sober toned saree post your wedding and watch the magic unfold.

Maang Tika
A ‘maang tika’ post your wedding can be used in less dressy occasions by way of not wearing earrings. It does not necessarily have to be big and flashy, but a simple one can make you look sweet with your post-wedding glow.

A trendy clutch to pair with almost any kind of outfit should definitely be on the top of your list of essentials. Also, earrings like classic hoops and studs are also something you will be able to use as your go-to accessories.

Two pairs of traditional footwear with antique embellishments in golden and silver will look very chic. They will also compliment and complete your look post wedding accordingly on dresses. They’re great to wear with jeans as well as with Indian wear.

Shimmery blusher
You used it to glamorize you in your wedding. Now use it as an eye-shadow or a bronzer post your wedding to continue with your Cindrella success.

Perfect lingerie makes for a perfect wedding night! Use it post your wedding to linger with your prowess.

Because we understand your heartbreak when you pack away your bridal dresses and keep gazing at them till they gather dust. So stop doing that and make for stunning post brides too.

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