The Week That Was: February 23rd to March 2nd

Oh admit it already! You are so darn addicted to my weekly capsule of awesomeness. It just beats having to keep up with everything ‘important’ all week. Even if you are a gossip junkie, it’s much more fun to read it here, sarcastic comments and all. Well then, let’s get to it; we haven’t got all week…quite literally.

1)  Shaadi Ke Sad Effects

So I’m normally someone who loves a masala Bollywood film and typically vegetates in front of the screen taking in just about anything. But even for me, this movie was a disappointment. I guess when powerhouse performers like Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar come together, you just believe they will create magic. And when they don’t, you wonder how a director can go wrong with them. PS: Two random things I noticed:

a)   Vidya’s cleavage. How could I not? It had a pretty important supporting role in the movie, or so it seems. (All puns are always intended when they come from me)

b)  Vir Das is a young, carefree, alcoholic junkie no matter which movie.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar

2)  Ashton Ko Mili Mila

Okay I just *really* wanted to say that sentence. It’s apparently true. Even though speculation has been rife for a while now that they are headed down the aisle, we now see a huge rock on the lady’s finger. That’s the only proof of their engagement as they haven’t released any sort of statement. I kind of like their couple style; underrated and private, peppered with some total awww-worthy moments.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

3)  Two States

The trailer of Two States has left us in a very excited state. The trailer is out and the movie looks really promising. Take a dekko:

4)  Tiny Little Fashionista

This story has been doing the rounds on my Facebook timeline all week. When I checked it out myself, I could not help but be amused. So basically this mom helps her four year old fashionista daughter make outfits with scraps of paper. Not just any outfits, but replicas of red carpet outfits made very creatively. Joy to the world, for the arts live on. You have to see all the ‘mayhem’ for yourself. I feel it’s #totesadorbs.

 Mom helps her four year old fashionista daughter make outfits with scraps of paper

5)  Womance

Did you manage to catch these two on the couch last night? Well this much I will give them, it made for an interesting episode. Since I’m not a fan of either of the girls, I almost can’t get myself to say that I was pleasantly surprised. If the Arjun and Ranveer episode spelt bromance, this episode was all about the womance. It was refreshing to see two fun, sexy and spontaneous girls give some genuine answers and also just not be so guarded. They both had each other’s back with this constant genuine vibe happening. The fact that KJo chose to give them both a hamper at the end of the rapid fire just proved that they both killed it in equal measure. My favourite part was when Nargis displayed her quirky sense of humour in the quiz segment. Do catch this episode when you find the time, and try to look past the tight dresses and thick accents to truly enjoy it. Also, Nargis is definitely dating Uday Chopra.

Nargis Fakhri and Freida Pinto at the Koffee With Karan Show

I leave you on that note because it should be a reminder to you that anything can happen in this world. So go out there and I don’t know, live your dream, and conquer the world, and channelize your inner Uday. Have a great week.

Much love!

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