Our Latest Crush: The Two Toned Lipstick

Generally, runway makeup is a bit too bold for us to wear as street style. However, this is one trend that caught our eye… err, lips. We’re talking about mixing two shades of lipstick or lip colour in one go.

This may sound strange but trust us when we say, it may look like a total fashionista and supermodel when you try these tips of wearing two toned lipstick.

Shade It

Mix and match two trending lipstick colours together like nude, pink, red, orange or maroon. Experiment with subtle shades and then opt for brighter ones.

two toned lipstick

Soften It

Make you bright lips softer for daily work wear by blending with a lighter colour. It will pop your lips, while keeping it subtle.

two toned lipstick

Shimmer It

Ditch the gloss, opt for a regular shade of lipstick with a bright, metallic one and get the shimmery lips in minutes.

two toned lipstick

Pout It

Create just the ideal pout by pairing two lipstick colours together. Start with an outline and blend it with another shade on the body of the lips.

two toned lipstick

Bold It

Let your lips be the statement accessory for your outfit. Try two shades on different lips. Go bold and funky!

two toned lipstick

Try it and send in your selfies to us @get_inonit and @stereowrite

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