10 Super Dramatic Ways To Do A Cat Eyed Look

You started off easy drawing a few simple strokes with your eyeliner. Soon, it turned into a full fledged cat eyed look, which is just irresistible. You know the conventional way to do a DIY liner, but here are 10 types of cat eye makeup that will make heads turn.

1) Classic Cat
Classic beauties Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe sported this type of simple yet elegant eye makeup back in the day. To get a taste of old Hollywood glamour, try this.

types of cat eye makeup
2) Blunt Beauty
If you wish to try something different, instead of making a pointy wing wear a blunt one like Kareena. Too dramatic for you? Understate it by making it thinner. Either way, you’re sure to get compliments on your innovative style.

types of cat eye makeup
3) Eye Shadow Wing
We know that celebrities experiment with their makeup time and again. Create the winged look with your eye shadow instead of the liner and apply a thin coat at the end to define your eyes.

cat eye makeup
4) Parallel Wing Makeup
White and silver eye pencils are so en vogue at the moment. Use them parallel to your end liner flick to achieve the high street fashion look.

types of cat eye makeup
5) Exaggerated Cat Liner
Now before you think it is not possible to try this at home, take a moment. You may try a simpler version of this by making the liner thinner and closer to the eye. If you want to look divalicious, this is your go-to style.

types of cat eye makeup
6) Under Liner
Bored of the same old cat eyed look, try the under liner wing. It offers the look of cat eyes without making it too obvious.

types of cat eye makeup
7) Illusion Liner
Want to make your eyes look big? The liner used above and near the eyelid creates an illusion of bigger eyes. However, to avoid the occult look of the liner, you need to blend it with smoky eye makeup.

types of cat eye makeup
8) Coloured Liner
Get a pop of colour with the shaded eyeliner. Consider coloured liners your beauty essentials for Summer 2014.

types of cat eye makeup
9) Graphic Liner
Now this does seem the kind of makeup that would look good only on the ramp. But you may do your own sober version of it by creating smaller geometric shapes.

types of cat eye makeup
10) Designer Liner
Wouldn’t it be super cute to have a little floral line after your winged tip? Try this and let us know what you think.

types of cat eye makeup

Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to try? Drop in your comments and let us know!

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