Uber at Your Doorstep and a Special Registration Discount

We’ve gotten a bit spoilt by the abundance of cabs and car services in big cities; but for some reason, when you really need a car, you’re still usually left without an option as none are available. So when we heard about Uber, the new on-demand car service launching in India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore), we were delighted to have another option to choose from. We’d been waiting for an opportunity to try it so we could report back to you with our experience.

And finally the opportunity arrived. An InOnIt team member was on her way back to South Mumbai from Bandra and decided to try the service. Here’s how she did it.

1. Registration. Users must download the Uber App (available on both iOS and Android) or go to the website. You simply need to enter your email address, name, mobile number and credit card info to create an account.

2. Scheduling a pickup. You’ll see a pin on the map with your location and the number of minutes a car can come to fetch you in. Confirm the pickup location, and click on the ‘Request pickup here’ button. You will see the name of your driver, his rating by Uber users and vehicle information.

uber screenshot

3. Contacting the driver. You can click on the driver’s name to see his contact details in case you need to explain anything in detail about your pickup location. If you look at the screen, you will be able to track your ride as it moves along the map closer to your pickup location. Hop in once your car arrives—our teammate was picked up in a BMW 3 Series.

4. Getting dropped off. You can tell your driver what your drop-off location is and, once you are there, he’ll show you the screen with your payment details and mark your ride as completed. There will be a charge on your credit card or deduction from your Uber credits (which you can earn by scrolling to the end of this story). You’ll see the details on your app as well. If all good, you can simply hop off!

5. Rating your experience. Users can rate the driver on a star scale system. You will also get a receipt from Uber on your registered email address.

6. Splitting your fare. This is a completely cashless transaction even if you do choose to split your fare with a fellow Uber passenger whom you’ve shared a ride with.

Overall, our experience was highly satisfactory, right from the two-second hassle-free booking and cashless ride to the polite chauffeur.

And just to be doubly sure that Uber actually is as good as it was for us, we asked a few friends who have used the service to share their inputs.

“I love the service! I’ve used it in the US as well, and multiple times in Mumbai. It’s just so easy and convenient.” —Rahul K, Bandra

“I’ve heard it’s good, but somehow it’s never available when I want a ride. The last time I tried to get a ride from Lower Parel, it said that it was 20 minutes away, so I booked it. On calling the driver, he informed me that it would take at least an hour to get to where I was, so I cancelled my trip and hailed a regular cab instead.” — Dia S, Peddar Road

“It’s dangerously convenient! Just one click and you’re done. It’s, of course, expensive but the experience i.e. fancy cars and convenience makes up for it. I’ve used it many many times and I’m definitely addicted.” —Varsha R, Lower Parel

A little more about Uber: Uber is a technology company that started out in San Francisco in 2010 and has since then expanded to 120 cities. The cars and service provided depend on the needs of the market, which is essentially each individual city. In Mumbai, the focus has been on mid- to high-end sedans, ranging from Altis, Innova and Camry to the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class.

Try it, maybe? Just for you, our awesome readers, Uber is giving a Rs 500 credit for first-time registrations. To get your Promo Code, simply click here and register. And we’ll deliver it right to your inbox. Users can contact Uber via social media (@Uber_Mumbai) and supportmumbai@uber.com for any feedback and concerns.

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