10 Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Fall In Love With

She isn’t a Nirupa Roy incarnate, nor does she bore you like Rakhee. She’s just a regular superwoman who wakes you up with breakfast every day. So merely bringing a card or a gift certificate for such a remarkable lady every year on Mother’s Day means you’re just being lazy. Here are some super-cool, unconventional gifts your mum will love.

Spa Chair
Booking a spa day for your mom is great, but even better is to bring the spa to her whenever she wants. Invest in a quality massage chair at home—it’ll be perfect to recline into after a hard day’s work.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - chair

Get this cosy chair here.

USB Typewriter
Your mother probably worked for hours on her trusty typewriter, but struggles to type out a single word without errors on the new tablet you gifted her. Time to get her a USB typewriter that brings together the best of both worlds.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - USB typewriterGet this cool gadget here.

Computer Lessons
Come on, admit it, you hate teaching your mother what a mouse does and how to open a document. Get a professional to do it and she will be on chat with you in no time.

Key Chain Digital Photo Viewer
You know your mum will never get over the baby pictures of you dressed as a rabbit. Get her a small digital frame she can carry around with her as a keychain. Trust us, she will love showing it off to her friends.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - photo frame

Buy this cool digital photo viewer here.

Child Handwriting Bracelet
Dig up the drawer of any mother’s closet and you’ll find old letters and cards written by her child. Get her a pendant or charm with engraved handwriting from your childhood. This is one piece of jewellery she will cherish forever.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - handwriting

Gift your mother this piece of jewellery from here.

Grocery Organiser
Instead of writing down lists on little papers for which she needs her glasses on, she can digitalise her grocery lists with this cool compact gadget.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - Organizer

Help organise her grocery. Get this gadget here.

Wine-Pairing Towel Set
With these cool wine-pairing towel sets, she can pick up the right wine simply by looking at the towel while cooking.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - towel

Buy the wine pairing towels here.

Doodle Pillowcases
Does she keep losing her to-do list? Get her reusable doodle pillowcases, so she will wake up and find her work for the day listed.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - pillowGet her doodling, buy these pillowcases here.

Cleaning Slippers
If she is going to walk around the house picking up after everyone, she might as well get some cleaning done. These slippers will guarantee this. No more bending to clean the spills and stains.

Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - slippers

Help her clean the mess, get these slippers here or at Prime – Luxury Home Store, in CR2 Mall, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Cupcake Toothpaste
Brighten up her morning by replacing her regular toothpaste with a cupcake-flavoured one. She will wake you up with yummy breakfast and a big smile.

 Unconventional Mother’s Day Gifts - toothpaste

Buy cupcake-flavoured toothpaste here.

We’re sure you’re all geared up for Mother’s Day. Tell us what you’re gifting your mother this year in the comments section.

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