Uniqueness With Hand-Painted Accessories

How horrifying would it be if you realised at a party that there’s another girl wearing the same shoes as you? Or worse, there’s a girl wearing the same dress as you are? Well, someone had to warn you of the dangers of picking an item off the shelf of a mainstream store, and we hope we have driven home the point.
What’s the solution you ask? Polka Bee is! It’s an online store that hand paints tee shirts, kurtis, shoes, bags and even trays and paintings. Though the store was Launched by Sheetal Mistry, a graduate of J.J School of Arts, about a year back, she was hand-painting her clothes and accessories ever since she was a little kid. Having a knack for designing, sketching and painting, she turned it into a profession. Exclusive to Polka Bee is their concept of including polka dots somewhere on their product. For designs and creative concepts, you can either pick it off a shelf of its online store, or you can contact Sheetal Mistry independently if you want something customized. Rest assured, every design used at Polka Bee is one-of-a-kind that features flawless paintings. The products are home delivered across Mumbai. As for the price range, that completely depends upon the category of product you are interested in, along with the intricacy of the design that it features. Customization would also be a factor in deciding the price of the product.
To view ready-to-flaunt products by Polka Bee you can view their website here. You can also write to them at write2us@polkabee.com.
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