All You Need To Know About Upcycling + 5 ‘Upcycled’ Products To Pretty Up Your Home

We’re too quick to dress up our homes with quirky and interesting products from the market. But what if we were to tell you that you can create these items yourself or pick up some eco-friendly items from The Upcycle Project, made using the stuff you have at home. The Upcycle Project takes trash and creates some beautiful home décor items out of it.

We spoke with founder and chief upcycler Amishi Shah regarding this project, and list down five products we adore from her collection.

Upcycle Project

1. We love everything affordable, great-looking and DIY. Can you elaborate about what exactly The Upcycle Project does? How did you think of this idea?
“While I was studying for my Master’s in the UK, I learned a lot about sustainability—not just environmental, but social and economic as well. This is when I had a goal for developing a venture that is socially inclusive, environmentally friendly and economically viable. My label, The Upcycle Project, makes unique and usable home accessories from waste. We conceptualise and create the products ourselves.”

2. Give us a few simple tips on changing the look of our house using your products?
“Most homes today aim to have a classy, elegant or minimalist look. In this situation, it is difficult to incorporate your family’s unique personality in the home. We recommend adding a bit of colour into the room with our gorgeous nightlights. They look fab in the bar area or in the room where you have the most parties. Another great way to give a new look to the room is by having an accent accessory that makes a statement. Our cage lights, for example, are classy, elegant and make for a gorgeous accent piece.”

3. How does upcycling help us globally?
“Recycling is good, but it uses a lot of energy and breaks down the waste into its basest form to recreate something. Upcycling, on the other hand, means using something in its original form to make something new or giving it a new look. For example, plastic bottles can be recycled into new plastic bottles by first melting the plastic, putting it in moulds and creating a new bottle. But if you are ‘upcycling’, you can use that waste bottle and turn it into Christmas ornaments or a planter. Upcycling is a simpler process that uses lesser energy and is greener. The best part about it is that all of us can do it at home!”

4. Can you suggest some DIY we can try too?
“One of my favourite décor DIY projects is using glass jars as photo frames. It’s just a brilliant idea! All you have to do is take an old glass jar, clean it out and put a pretty picture inside. Make sure to cut the picture to the right size, cut only the top/bottom to get the right height. Try not to cut the sides because then you will have a 360-degree frame. You can then draw fun things like devil horns or thought bubbles on the glass with a marker. This project is super simple and gives such a different look to the room.”

Our Picks From The Upcycle Project
1. Bottled Lights
Amishi has created a simple but superb way to light up your house using old wine bottles and paint. We recommend you try this for ambient light at home or outdoors.

Upcycle Project
2. Light Cage
Oh, how we love the bird cage and light combo! The best part is that everything about this product is upcycled. The base is taken from old movie reel holders and the handle is made from cola bottle caps.

Upcycle Project
3. Book Origami
We normally toss the old books for the local raddiwala, but The Upcycle Project has made a whole new use of them. Use a book as a card holder, memo holder or simply with flowers as a table piece.

Upcycle Project
4. Mini Planter
Using old bottles, Amishi has created a pretty plant holder. We love the metallic touch and twist detail. This product is shipped only in Mumbai.

Upcycle Project
5. Vinyl Clock
We were saving the best for the last. Music lovers are sure to love this vinyl clock created from old records. What a simple but great use of old music.

Upcycle Project
You can buy The Upcycle Project items by contacting them at the following places:

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